Hi all,
even after all the years I have done this, my ill health has given me a bit of a confidence knock.
But today a lovely lady told me that I gave her a reading last September at Grays. Everything was completely correct but she said there was one thing she was very sceptical about. I had told her, via her spirit mum that she was moving somewhere literally surrounded by water that it was so close to the water its like she was almost in it. That it was a big upheaval and change but her mum said ‘I will give you a sign of oysters to let you know its the right home and you made the right decision.’

Well blow me she told me today that every single window in her home looks out at sea and when they moved in, in a flower bed in the garden there was a large pile of oyster shells!
How fab are the spirit world! Here’s the pic of the oysters!


Theresa Muehlbauer's photo.


The VISION spiritual development course at Lupton that Janet and I are overseeing is truly a joy to do.  The students are so keen and exceptionally gifted so I look forward to each Monday evening. I am also wanting to create residential weeks and weekends at Lupton so watch this space!

I am when I am well enough, typing out my new book at record speed, it truly is an inspired read.  It was channelled to me in a dream and the fiction story is remarkable mixed with spiritual fact.  Recently during a trance session the sitters asked my guide Catherine about my book.  She answered Elizabeth Bowen is helping.

After the session I was told this and googled Elizabeth the only hits that kept on being displayed was a lady who was a very famous novelist! Perhaps she is giving me a guiding hand.

I still continue to struggle with my ME and find it extremely frustrating that I cannot work full time.  But I pace myself so I can healthily do the little work that I am able to do.

I am looking forward to the Kent summer school that I will be tutoring on the 20 to the 22 June.  I am sure I will see some old faces so very excited.  The residential side at the seekers trust in Kent is sold out but there are still day and evening passes available if you fancy spending a weekend with me 🙂 go to www.inspiralmediums.com to book!

For the Devon lovelies, I have an eve with the highly acclaimed Keith Hall and psychic artist Tony Delaney on the 9th July at Lupton.  I love how Devon mediums all love working together with the common goal of love, light and serving the community.  I also have an afternoon dem on the 30 June with Community spirit, all details of events are on my events page.

I am also doing an eve of mediumship in Grays, Essex on 30 September and am currently trying to arrange an evening in Dartford whilst I am up that way.

I do miss Essex very much and all of my beautiful loyal supporters but health comes first, so I am healing in one of the best parts of the country which is South Devon.  To listen to the waves and have magnificent views is second to none.  I have the most amazing friends, quite frankly, I wouldn’t know where I would be without them.  This moment in my life is tough but I will never forget the unconditional love that I have been shown.  God bless you.

So everything is on the up, through the darkest times in your life don’t ever forget where there’s dark there has to be light.  It’s the law of the Universe darlings, so hang on and trust and wait for the light.

I will leave you with that thought and as ever I give my most heartfelt, humblest thanks for your ever eternal support.

Much love, Nicky xxx




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