Hello all,

It’s that time of year when all we see around us are adverts, pictures and sentiments of families joining together having a festive time enjoying each other and the bounties that Christmas brings.

We need to spare a thought for the people who see Christmas as a lonely cruel mistress.  Whether they are alone, grieving a loss, chronically ill or struggling with the stress of it all.  I certainly don’t want to bring the energy down here, but I do notice a remarkable spike in people asking for readings around this time of year.

It hits home who is not sitting at the family table on Christmas day if we have lost someone.

Through my experience every single spirit person who I have communicated with has always wanted us to celebrate their life and to flood your homes with happy memories rather than cancelling Christmas and sitting in the dark with a bottle of wine!

Yes it is hard, incredibly hard, especially if you have lost a loved one in the year.  You feel guilty if you have a nice time and you feel so angry and sad that they are not there to enjoy the festivities.

There is a two way choice here.

You can either go through the motions feeling miserable and lost, which will spread to the rest of the family or make it a celebration day.

So many people I know leave a glass of wine on the table for their lost loved one.  They order a bauble with their loved ones name or picture on to put pride of place on the tree.  I have a bauble for every member of my family.

Here is a great website that can personalise your baubles:




It is just another way to cope when you are struggling.

Also ways to help the process if it’s not too upsetting is playing their favourite Christmas songs.  Perhaps a toast to them and a photograph by the dinner table.  Basically whatever helps you through the festive celebrations, do it.

They do not want to see that we are sad.  Easier said than done, but it may just help.


Call on Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael is the perfect angel to call upon at this time.  She (I see her as feminine)  will relieve you of your grief and help you move forward as best you can.

An Amethyst in your pocket all day will also help alleviate grief and promote inner healing.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who are going to struggle because of loss this Christmas.

I am currently laying in bed in my pyjamas resting as much as I can in order to travel to my family tomorrow.  I pray that I am well enough to travel.  So a thought goes out to all of the chronically ill sufferers and those who are too ill to enjoy Christmas.  Just spare a second to send Archangel Raphael’s energy to them in a green healing light.  If you have a neighbour or someone suffering please pop them round a mince pie or let them know that you are thinking of them. Even a phone call will brighten up their day.




My mum and step dad are terribly ill and it breaks my heart, but all we can do is let them know that they are loved and trust that the angels will keep them comfortable.

Just do one thing this Christmas for someone else.  If we all did one good deed or kind action, we would be changing the energy of the Universe letting love conquer all of the problems in the world.  One small act carried out by thousands would change the Yin and Yang, have a think and see what good deed you can do.



I sit and send a lot of prayers and thoughts to  humans and animals that are suffering at this time of year and hope that some of my energy reaches them.  I also send the same energies to all the lovely people who are connected to me in life and through social media.

It makes me feel like I am making a difference. Love makes a difference.

I cannot wait to see my nieces and nephews.  I have not seen them for a long time.  Family can be very complex and difficult.  However, forget all previous grievances, enjoy them for who they are and acknowledge their downfalls with humility.

If we have peace in our hearts, nothing can break that serenity unless we allow it.

Do not focus on what you have not got this Christmas, focus only on what you do have.  No matter how small, be grateful as the Universe will see this and bring you abundance in your gratitude, trust me it works!

I hope this little message helps and I wish you all the best possible Christmas that you can have.

Be merry, be happy, be grateful, be love.

With all my very best wishes and thanks for being there for me,

Nicky xxxx