Hiya again,

two posts in one day! lol

Forgot to mention that there will be a four page spread in Fate and Fortune magazine about everything you need to know about spirit guides.  So I hope you benefit from it and learn a bit more about who looks after you!

I believe it is hitting the shelves on 10 November, hope you enjoy reading it.

It seems that writing is my passion at the moment.  Book one of my trilogy THE EARTH WALKERS: CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT has now been completed.  I am so excited about this venture and bearing in mind it came from a dream a year ago, I know it is going to be special.

Book two, THE EARTH WALKERS: THE DARK ARMY is now in full flow!

If I can still reach people through my writing then I am one happy lady.  It helps me to feel I am still carrying the spirit light and illuminating souls even though I cannot do any dems or readings currently.  

I am a survivor though and am doing everything I can to get myself back to my old life.  It’s a very tough journey, but the load is  lightened knowing I am being cared for and guided by angels, my guide and my loved ones in the spirit world.

I know from all the readings that I have had and the meditations and messages from the Spirit World, that I will find abundance, health and success again, so I live on trust and faith that this will be so, as we all should.

I have been cleared of the past and a blank page created, ready to write the adventures of the future.

Bobby Davro said on BB the other night, ‘May the best of your past be the worst of your future’  I thought this was a lovely analogy and will keep it in mind as I look forward.

Many opportunities have passed me by whilst I have been poorly, but I know if they are meant to be, they will wait for my recovery.

We all have tragedy, sadness and challenges in our lives, just keep in the light, trust it will pass and if you love yourself and value your soul, make the changes necessary and go forward with strength and knowledge that you are not alone come what may.

keep the faith


All my Love


Nicky xx