Hi all,

Just to let you know my next article will be out in Chat it’s fate magazine and on the shelves for the 10th September.  It is about how my dad from the spirit world helped me along my path.  I hope that you enjoy it.

I am still struggling with my health, but now and then feel strong enough to do an evening of mediumship in spiritualist centres.  I also put on my facebook page opportunities to have a private evening of mediumship in the comfort of your own home.  I hope to soon start doing telephone readings of which everyone has been asking for.  I will start on the waiting list which is exceptionally long, but hopefully I will get there in time.

Despite my physical circumstances, the synchronicities, signs and messages that I am getting from the spirit world are very positive so I know I am getting stronger and all will be well.

I am constantly being shown 11.11 which is a new spiritual awakening, so I am very excited!  The other night my television even turned itself over to channel 111!  So I know I am being looked after and that I am on the right path.

When all is dark, just remember the Universe works with balance, yin and yang, so the light will be come forward to you.  You have to trust and know that everything that takes place is for a reason whether it is negative or positive.  I have had my fair share of negative, but I still remain focused knowing that I tread this path for a reason.

Have faith, you are loved and guided.  Think about your situation and see if you can make change.  When you start the change, the Universe will follow.  Don’t stay stuck, movement will not take place without movement.

You need to change to change your life.

So it just leaves me to say, thank you for your constant support, it truly lights my soul!


God Bless


Nicky xxx