Spiritual message……..
The full moon is no coincidence that falls upon the most celebrated religious day of the year.
The shift that began on 12.12.12 culminates in this date and slowly brings forth the new age for 2016. The conclusion of an horrendous shift that has smashed light workers lives in a significant way. Some of you have most probably been through the most challenging times of your life as have I. The key is to understand and flow with the fact that you have been placed in the universe and chosen to be an ambassador for the new age. An age where everything had to change to address the planets sufferance, through greed, war, abuse, religion and lower energy desires.
Coming into fruition will be the new strength of the indigo children, masses of light people spreading love, education and awareness of how we need to go forward.
On Christmas Day ask Archangel Michael to cut every bind that holds you to the past and envision his sword, the symbol of strength and valiance to face the new age with strength endurance and humility.
Remember however tough it gets, we are only here for a short while to experience Earth, the abundance and serenity we all crave is up in the spirit world.
Take the experiences down here for what they are, short learning lessons, a speck in an ocean, the ocean being our true immortal selves.
The souls from our cluster who are already in heaven are closer to you than you can ever imagine. Trust me.
So embrace their energy during this festive time, know they are with you and just think when the times get too hard, this is only a speck in a vast ocean of immortality xxxxxxx
God bless you all and keep you strong, forgiving, brave and beautiful xxxxxx