Nicky Alan

Happy New Year to you all!
I remember my dad visiting me from the spirit world when I was in Turkey. He told me I was to go through the worst challenge of my life but everything will come to fruition in 2017. That I would work with the most powerful forces imaginable and do things that were beyond my imagination.
I have some lovely news which I can’t quite let you know yet but will tell you when I’m allowed!
So the reason I share this is faith, faith isn’t a hopeful belief it is a solid knowledge that everything we endure no matter how painful, we will be carried through to the other side where we can look back on the challenge, reflect and realign our energies from what we have learned from the experience.
Lots of people say in passing I just want to put 2016 behind me. Why? Anything that marked your soul for good or bad was meant to be and either by free will or by the universal plan you arranged before you came here, you are enduring the human experience.
You bought a ticket to ride to come to Earth and in a speck of eternal time shall return home back to the serenity love and peace of heaven.
But we can have slices of our celestial homes through meditation, visualisation and mentally living a more spiritual peaceful life with no allowances for negative people and situations.
That bit is your choice.
The angels and our loved ones sit ready to do our bidding but with no clear instruction from us they are at a loss on how to help.
So for this new year send thoughts of where you want to be, don’t worry how you are going to get there, they sort that bit out, and watch the miracle of their work unfold.
I was having this conversation with my friend nicky and her mum Lyn over Christmas and as I said this, my Siri turned itself on and said ‘hey Nicky, I’m listening’ later on it kept calling my name.
Two witnesses to something that pretty much happens every day to me, only because I work it and my accident taught me to do that.
You have to go through it to GET through it, then inspire others how to do the same. Apparently this is now my role on the Earth plain and I bloody love it!
So plan where you want to be this time next year, write it out, draw it out, whatever you you see fit – speak it out, ask your loved ones, the angel realms what your aim and wishes are and just wait for the gobsmacking results.
I think of you all often. I think of all of the ill, vulnerable and lost souls a lot and I feel the evil of abusers and bullies. It’s all in the mix of yin and yang.
The aim is to always live in the balance but only give out love, humility, compassion and peace.
May the angels bless you always and hear your requests for transition
Nicky xxxx