Hi everyone,
Feeling quite good today and wanted to share this. Despite being away from the scene I still answer emails when I’m feeling up to it.
Not surprisingly the main emails are about children seeing spirit people and talking about previous lives they had.
The shift in the universe that started on 121212 and culminates in 2016 has made young children more sensitive and even more aware than they used to.
Parents must embrace this and honour what the child has to say with no drama. They must not ignore their comments as spirit will persevere to get their messages across.

if you want to know more google indigo children.
The children are safe and looked after by their guides, they are in no danger, they are just the magnificent product of a universal shift that human kind needs to save this planet for future generations x
Unbelievably this is what my books are about so I know it’s all meant to be xx
Much love
N xx

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