Hello all,

A few days ago after a meditation I felt inspired to find a way to bring my knowledge to you.  It is difficult as I am bed bound a lot with my ME and my public appearances are quite rare.

So a thought popped in my head on how I can reach you.  I get so many emails asking about all things spiritual and paranormal so I have decided to answer those questions along with tips and advice in the form of video sessions on You Tube.

The Bedroom Guru is a tongue in cheek title as I am indeed sharing my spiritual knowledge from my bed when I am on bad days!

It not only gives me an enormous sense of happiness but also helps me to feel that I am helping you all.

So everyone is a winner!

I have a Channel on You Tube – Nicky Alan Psychic Medium – that you can subscribe to so that you get every video in the series.  Or if you prefer just watch the ones that you are interested in.

Here is the link:



My first video is an introduction of me and to the series.

The second video is about how people can help themselves and their children who are special needs or are suffering with terminal illness.

This was the most popular question raised in my emails.

My third video will be about Spirit Visitation as this was the second highest email subject.

How do we know when our loved ones are visiting? What happens after we die and what do we look out for when they visit?

These were the most common questions.

If you want to ask a question on anything spiritual or paranormal, please email me and I will do my best to answer them!


I hope you come over and have a quick watch.  I do hope it helps you and others.


Take care and have a very happy Easter! xxxx