Hi all,

I would like to say firstly that I am so sorry that you received a number of random emails.  My blog system was hacked but has now been rectified.

I haven’t been as present as I would like to be over the last couple of months as my mum sadly passed and so did my uncle two weeks after.

It has been a very sad time and obviously very difficult.

I was warned by my guide Catherine in early December that I would need Ruby and Labradorite crystals as I had a hard time coming.

Ruby gives energy for ME sufferers and also gives you strength to endure difficult life obstacles.

full on protection

Labradorite is like a mirror stone, it protects you from other peoples energy draining you and keeps your auric field intact and protected during difficult times.

So I knew there was trouble coming.

The angel realms have held me through the trauma and the Spirit World.

I have had many signs and my family who are also psychic have already had visitations from my mum, clever lady.  I know she is now well and most be so happy to be reunited with my dad and all of the other family members.

That us what gets you through, creating visions in your mind of where your loved one is now and not where their body lies.

I have ensured I have had the colour red surrounding me, which is the base chakra colour that drives us forward when dealing with earthly matters.

I have asked Archangel Azrael to preside over me and my family.  He is the Archangel of helping grieving and the passing of the soul  He also helps you cope and let go of the pain and trauma surrounding passing.

I also asked Archangel Michael to come and bring strength to me and my family and energy to keep taking steps of change through this awful time.

These are all helpful tips if you are going through difficult times.

I would write more about my experiences but at the moment I am finding myself weak physically as ME always flares during stressful times.  So I am limiting my energy output.

I would just like to say that the beginning of 2018 is paving the way to your ultimate path of change and new ways of life, so embrace the change and know that the pain will eventually dissipate with time and mindfulness.

I am looking forward to my move back to Devon by the sea and hopefully will manage some appearances at Sacred Stars in Paignton.  I am also exceptionally excited to be teaching and demonstrating at the spiritual retreat at Gaunts House in Dorset next April.  So I have many things to focus on during my grieving.

Bless you all for your kind comments regarding my mum and the cards that were sent it meant a lot to me.  Sometimes, I don’t think you realise how much your kind words, comments and gifts touch me.  I am one very lucky lady.

My Beautiful brave mum, Evelyn

Nicky xxx


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