As you may or may not know, I have been cruelly laid down with M.E.   It is a vicious disease that attacks the brain and central nervous system bringing multiple symptoms, the worst being extreme chronic pain and exhaustion and fatigue that left me bed bound for 6 months following a road accident.
As I rest up and learn how to be kind to my body I have become aware of the lack of understanding and research into M.E.   It is not government funded and ME research is purely by donation only, which is incredible bearing in mind I have 5 close friends suffering with this disease that affects over 250,000 in the UK and I know that there are hundreds of thousands undiagnosed.
I have decided to dedicate my work not only to you and the Spirit World but also to Lupton Trust which I already do and M.E Research.   So there will be collection boxes at ALL shows so bring your loose pennies! I will be contributing to the fund from each show and through merchandise sold.  
I have no doubt that you all know someone with fibromyalgia or ME, so I do hope you help support this research. No doubt I am suffering with this as a life course, one I can support and turn into a positive x
At the moment, there is no one helping to fund ME research on a regular basis!
Our website is –   Please support and join our Facebook page #MEResearchUK Charity number (SCIO-Charity No SC036942). You can also donate £1 or £2 by phone – it is simple – text MEUK01 £1 to 70070 or MEUK01 £2 if for £2.
Many thanks and love n hugs to all the sufferers out there xxx