I sat looking out into the Kingswear valley.  The sun was shining and I smiled at the Beauty of Mother Nature and all of her velvety green gifts that were swaying in a gentle sea breeze bathed by a stunning sun.  I was too exhausted to sit in the sun, but quite content to look out onto the beautiful landscape.  It seemed cruel that I lived in such a wonderful place but couldn’t go out and appreciate it.  I decided to pull an angel card.

Beautiful Kingswear
Beautiful Kingswear

Nothing can stop you now! You have the persistence and ingenuity to see things through.

Yep I may have the ingenuity but I certainly didn’t have a fit enough body!  I said out loud, “Dad if you can hear me please help me, I’m sorry to moan, but I am struggling again.”

Literally within a couple of seconds my iphone turned on and randomly out of 3,000 odd songs my dad’s song came on, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water.’  It was the song he adored.  The last Christmas that he was alive he asked everyone for the Art and Garfunkel album.  Bit of a mistake as he ended up with loads of them on Christmas day!  It then was followed by ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow‘ which was My last dog Meena’s song.  her synchronicity after her passing were rainbows.  I saw one every single day for exactly a month after she passed.  My medium friend predicted I would see these rainbows before Meena have even moved on.


Music is a massively important way to get a sign from your loved ones.  It’s so easy for them to inspire your thoughts,  like going into a certain shop where their favourite song is playing or to suddenly turn the radio on and hear their song,  as they know its currently playing on that station.  Sometimes it’s their favourite song or one played at their funeral.  I also put my phone on shuffle and listen to the songs that are played.  I  can sometimes get messages from the title of each song as it plays.  It’s very clever and a very common way for our loved ones to let us know that they are with us.  I’m sure as a lot of you read this, you will totally understand what I am talking about and have witnessed the phenomena.


As I am writing this, I remember doing an intimate evening, where I would go to a group round someones home and do a mini evening of mediumship.  I used to love these evenings, bit like a tupperware party but spirit people being the stars!  I was asking this very strong spirit man to give us a sign as I knew he was capable of moving things and blending with electric fields.

Everyone sat still as I asked him to make himself known.  Within seconds the stereo turned itself on and ‘My Way‘ played out mixed with the shocked screams of my audience who were now running for the door.  I couldn’t stop laughing and neither could they after they got over the shock of the phenomena! Turns out, this was his funeral song.


So listen out my lovelies, music is an

The legend Frank Sinatra
The legend Frank Sinatra

easy conduit for them to blend with.  Their vibration can easily blend with electronic devices to change a song for your benefit.  Always say thank you after you hear the song so they know that you have got their message.  I always find it a brilliant bit of evidence in a reading if I can get their favourite song or what was played at their funerals or even their wedding.  Music does feed the soul, so use it to your advantage.  I always picture Bridget Jones on the opening scenes as she is crying and listening to ‘All by myself‘.  When we are miserable don’t you find we put on music to make us more miserable?  Lol, I certainly do!  So of course it has the opposite effect, it can raise our mood and vibration.  I always have music on in the background.  When I am writing or sitting quietly or in the bath I listen to  new age music my current favourites being Kevin

Love your music
Love your music

Kendle The Medicine of Sound and The Best of Snataum Kaur.  They feed my soul and mind and give me inspiration.  If I want to  cheer myself up, I blast out the eighties!  Give it a go, music can help us in so many ways.




The following day, the sun was coaxing me out of my shaded bedroom, so I gauged my energy and decided that I could go out.  As I walked into the garden, the gardeners were arriving to maintain the cemetery grounds.  I went to say hello and to my amazement as I was talking to the men a spirit lady started to manifest right next to one of the men.  I was so excited as I thought I had been switched off!  She was an older woman, very curvy shape with very light grey hair.  She was dressed in a beige suit and was so happy that I could see her.  She made me feel that she adored her home and her family, but was weighed down with bad mobility at the end of her life and was walking with a lot of difficulty.  She kept moving her finger through the air in an effort to show me a letter.  I was trying to talk to the men and concentrate on her at the same time.  I couldn’t see if it was a J or T, as her finger swooped at the bottom.

She kept telling me that it was her girl she wanted to reach, and frantically was signalling the letter.  I made a decision it was a J.  I then babbled out all of this information and they just looked at me blankly, like I was a nutter.  I felt so embarrassed as I had totally lost my confidence.  Jack*, the man I knew this was for, kept saying no when I asked him if he was sure he didn’t recognise the lady.  I gave up and hobbled back indoors feeling mortified.  I thought they had brought me back into the world of spirit communication, but obviously not.  I was so upset.


The following day, I was requested by my solicitor to send some important documentation that was very urgent.  I tried to turn on my computer but it just wasn’t having it.  I was still pretty grumpy from what had happened the day before and this wasn’t helping my day go any better.  After trying everything I realised that I had to get it to a shop asap.  I tried calling my friends but they were all at work.  I needed to get this blinking computer fixed!

Blinking computers!
Blinking computers!

I shoved more morphine down my throat, put a jumper over my pyjamas and hobbled out to the car.  I shouldn’t have done this but needs must!  Thankfully the shop was just minutes away.  I hadn’t been out for months, so the feeling of slowly driving along independent of anyone felt exhilarating.


The computer need a new battery.  I was passing Lupton House on the way home and something told me to turn in for a coffee.  I was exhausted and in excruciating pain, but something made me drive there.  Everyone was surprised and delighted to see me and I felt it would do me good to be out of the house for half an hour.  I was propped up with loads of cushions had a mocha in my hand and felt so happy to feel ordinary for a little while.  A lady, Michelle* came up to me to say hello.  She knew me from working as a medium from Lupton House.  She looked exceptionally pale and frail.  She had said that this was the first time that she had been out for three months as her mum had passed.  My pulse heightened and the memory of the spirit lady from the day before became flooding back.  the conversation went like this:

“Michelle, I know this sounds odd and totally random, but your husband isn’t called

Jack by any chance is he?”

“Oh my God, yes why?”

“Does he work as a gardener and cover Kingswear cemetery?”

“How do you know that?”

I then started to beam, literally explode with laughter, realisation and a humble gratitude of the heaven’s.

“Your mum, was she quite a curvy lady with light grey hair?”


“Did she have massive problems with her mobility and found it really hard to walk before she passed?”

“Yes it really upset her as she was always so active.”

“Ok, listen, I spoke to your bloody husband yesterday and he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.  Your mum was standing there by his side!”

“What?”  Michelle’s eyes started to well up, a look of wonderment etched across her face.

“It was your mum darling, she kept saying it was important to get a message to her girl and she kept spelling the letter J out, it was so important to let her know that she is ok.”

The girl next to her then started to cry, her name was Joanne*, Michelle’s daughter, the lady’s granddaughter.

“Jo was the only one who missed her passing, she didn’t make it on time, she has never got over that.”

I could feel the familiar waves of adrenaline washing through my body.  I was so overwhelmed and so thankful that I had got this right and was now delivering this poignant message to the right person.

“Well that’s why she was so frantic to get to her, a lot of spirit people have the choice who is present when they pass, she obviously didn’t want Jo to see her as she went.  The other thing is, she made it very clear that I had to mention what she was wearing.  It was a really nice tailored beige suit.”

“Oh My God!  That was the suit she wore to my wedding.  We buried her in it!”

Oh my goodness I was so relieved.

I spoke to them a little more and Michelle through tears of joy and relief said that this had been life changing what I had told her.  She now knew that her mum was ok and that she could move on in her life.  She also assured me she was going to have a go at her husband for being so thick!

I felt on cloud nine.  It was the first spirit contact that I had had in months and months.  The feeling of being able to bring peace to another human being is SECOND TO NONE.  It is and always will be my vocation in life, whether I write about it or one day be able to demonstrate it again on stage.  Sod the sceptics.  I got trolled the other day on twitter the stupid man said that I was disgusting despicable and a fraud and that I and all mediums prey on innocent and vulnerable people.


This was a magical time for me and that family.  There had been so much closure and healing.  I went home in tears of gratitude.  I also later discovered that there was nothing wrong with my computer or the old battery.  The spirit lady Irene* obviously was frustrated that Jack hadn’t understood that it was her and so hatched another plan!  She owes me for the battery I didn’t need to buy!  How magnificent is that and how miraculous?

I went to bed that night and couldn’t stop smiling.  I had forgotten one of the fundamental learning curves as a medium.  never listen to the recipients ‘no’s’ if it feels right!  How clever Irene was,  how wonderful that she had directed me to her daughter. I felt that I had been welcomed back into the fold. x

With spirit people drawing near and me feeling more at peace, I looked forward to what else was going to come my way…

*The names of the people described have been changed to respect their privacy.

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