nicky alan

I laid in bed at my friends house.

I was homeless, in the worst pain and totally exhausted and the tears just fell.  I was talking into the night asking where my path was leading to, how could I continue working as an ambassador for spirit when I was so ill.

The following morning I was woken by my friend hoovering at 7.30 in the morning!  I was a little frustrated as I had been woken from the most amazing dream ever.  It was so lucid and so breath taking, I knew that it must mean something.

I was going to get up but a voice said, ‘NO, GO BACK TO SLEEP’ so I went back to sleep and amazingly the dream continued.  In fact it ended at 12.30 midday, which I believe is scientifically impossible, so I knew it was a psychic interaction.

As soon as I woke up the voice said, ‘YOU SHALL NOW WRITE WHAT YOU HAVE DREAMT’  I started the first chapter then and there, in fact I wrote four chapters in about an hour!  I just wrote what I saw in the dream.  That was in Feb 2014.

I noticed as I was writing that it seemed that a voice was telling me what to write. I just followed the cues and was writing words that I didn’t even know the meaning of!

I needed to find out who was helping me as I had no idea what was coming but then as soon as I sat in a quiet environment, the words flowed and the plot opened itself up to me as I wrote!  It was like I was reading a book for the first time, not writing it!
In a random incident my guide Julianus came through in trance in front of my friends last year and told them to tell me that I am being helped with writing my books as they were very important.
He told me that Elizabeth Bowen was helping me to write.
It made sense that I was being assisted as when I write I feel like a voice is dictating every word I type. I write the pages out like I’m describing a movie that is playing out in my head.

I have finished book one, in fact I finished it last year and scarily some of the things written in the book have taken place in the world! I am now halfway through book two.

Going back to Elizabeth, well blow me, my friend messaged me last month and had a random conversation with her friend who mentioned Elizabeth Bowen. She was a highly acclaimed Victorian novelist and amongst other things she specialised in supernatural fiction!

Looks like I’m in good hands! 🙂  Just need to wait for the angels to provide the right book agent xx