Hello all,

I do hope that your new year has started with a bang!

i’m feeling well rested after nine years of touring and being very busy it has been nice to take a well earned break.

I’m looking forward to a new schedule and new dates for events will be advertised shortly.

am really enjoying my telephone readings at the moment, they are so magical as all I have is a voice on the end of the line and the spirit world do the rest!

Today has been a lovely day for readings.  A girl I told who was getting married asked her mum if she liked the song she was walking down the aisle to.  Her mum from spirt within a second told her the name of the song.  It was fantastic evidence as always it goes to show that our loved ones are around us all the time and are always aware of what has happens and what is to come.


I had lovely feedback from the articles in Chat magazine September and December.  I will certainly concentrate on writing this year as well as teaching and demonstrating the beautiful power of spirint world and the Angel realms.

it was nice to see ANGELS replayed on a pick TV the more people who are educated about them the better! Yet again thank you for all the lovely messages you have sent me about the programme. X

Dwell all I have to say is keep a look out on theirs website for new events including residential retreats. Also on my Facebook group page which is the only one i am running now for the time being (trying to cope with 8,000 followers was getting a bit of a strain as I felt pressured trying to reply to many messages and requests!)

So onwards and upwards for 2014! I thank you as always for your fantastic support and look forward to helping as many of you as possible

Much love


Nicky xxxxx




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