Hello all,

as the eve of the new year slowly meets us I always find it is a chance for us all to reflect on the year that has passed and the year to follow.

I have heard so many people say, ‘I can’t wait for 2015 to end it was a rubbish year’  initially after hearing this statement I certainly agreed but after pondering this I changed my mind.

We have to stay close to source, to the flow of the Universal energy.  We have to be mindful that we are indeed on a brief encounter to experience life on this planet, to then go home afterwards and back with our soul cluster, our family that makes us whole again.  Some people will scoff at this observation, but I know it is a fact and has kept me strong and focused throughout my trials.

So this leads me onto wanting to get rid of a bad year, but should we not look at what happened and see what we were to gain from the challenges?  We can remain angry with people’s selfish actions, we can be angry about losing a loved one, we can have repeated trials of bad luck where nothing seems to go right.  We then bathe in this negative energy allowing the people or circumstances to rent our head and energy for free whilst they continue on oblivious of their actions and words.

So that leaves us in a dark space hating the world and some of the people in it.  By sitting in this energy, darkness can only spread like a slow menacing rot, silently incorporating itself into our whole being, us not realising that we are spiralling down rather than rising above.

Look at the situations that have taken place.  If it’s people that have let you down, see if they were any value in your life when you were together.  Did they enhance your life, lighten your soul?  Have they been removed from your life to save you from further hurt?  Analyse the relationship, what did they bring to the table for you?

Situations that have taken place, yes they were hard, hurtful, difficult at the time but what have they lead to, have they forced you to change your path?  Then perhaps this needed to take place to move you on to a new space that you never would have taken without the ‘push’

Being moved on our path is sometimes terrifying.  We have fear of change and rising to a difficult challenge.  But staying stuck just allows us to spend more earth time in a quagmire of damp, disillusioned darkness with no movement and complete misery.

if you have lost someone dear, yes this is devastating, but their time was due and they now reside in the beauty of the Crystal Palace, looking upon you every minute that you need it, silently loving you and guiding you whilst you still tread the tumultous Earth path.  Honour your grieving and help yourself to heal.  It is one of our most traumatic, most hardest things to endure, saying goodbye to our loved ones, but we will see them again.  The perspective has to change, it is not forever, you will meet with them again, promise.

Bad health is obviously the second worry to loss.  But what are you doing to help yourself.  Can you find positive ways to make your day light, or would you rather allow the illness to eat away at you making every day dark?

It is all about perspective and balance.  No matter how hard our challenge, we always come out the other end, but do you want to come out quicker and in a better frame of mind?  Only you can decide this.  Only you live your life, not the people or circumstances around you.

My soul journal, as I have always said to my students is my most treasured possession.  Last night I listened to a chakra cleansing meditation whilst I wrote my entry and then looked back to the same date last year and read where I was spirirtually, emotionally and physically.

I felt nothing but pride for myself as I saw how much I have overcome and how at peace I am now as compared to last year.  I have grown in so many ways and things that seemed impossible last year I have risen above and conquered.

I have the luxury in my chronic illness to do a lot of work on myself everyday, whether it be an affirmation session, meditation or just mindfulness, but I realise, everyone has time even if it is for five minutes to ‘check in’ with how you are doing and what YOU need to do to enhance your life and how you live it.

You must love yourself, trust yourself and bring your energy to such a high dimension that you do not need anyone else or are in a situation that others cant influence your day to day existence.  If your soul core is strong, then anyone around you is a bonus only if they feed you with respect love and peace.  For feeding on this diet of positive energy allows us to thrive and grow.  But for some reason a lot of us endure negative people that brings us to shrivel and die and forget who we really are.

Don’t allow this to happen,  see the higher side of every situation and event.  Rise above the human levels of vibration, sit with the angels and your loved ones, imagine that you are above the world just as they are and look down at your life.  laugh at yourself and change anything that blocks your path to happiness and completion.

Honour the sad times, the hard times, the angry times as they will pass, but only if you allow them to.  By holding on you are only extending your misery and grief.

It’s hard to master and hard to maintain, but any effort on your behalf will make your experience down here so much easier.

By taking time to let go and rid yourslef of past hurt, gives you a fresh blank page to fill with abundnace in the new year.  2016 as I have already said is the culmination of transitional forces that started in 2012.  If you start the year fresh and free of darkness, you will only embrace light in the new year and attract a bountiful life.  It also will help you to rise above the next challenges that are thrown at you as a part of earth life.

Go with your gut, honour yourselves, respect yourselves and refuse to live in any negative state of being.  You can choose how to live your life, happy, abundant, free, youthful, deserving or angry, sad, vengeful,weak and morose.  Your choice, I know which one I choose.

I now find the sun dappling on the waves on my local beach a gift to my senses, the song of my family of buzzards a reminder of the beautiful place that I live, the fact that I can walk for a few yards a break through in my health, my two furry babies a reminder of the unconditional love that animals can bring, the kindness of my friends knowing I have attracted that kindness and love, a day in bed is a chance to write and watch my favourite programmes, a day I manage to get out is a day I am gifted to be alive.

So it’s how you percieve your life and what positive you can take from your experiences.

I hope this has helped as I felt so drawn to writing this for you all.  I do miss my active work, but I respect the fact that I am working and being prepared for a deeper and purer undertsanding of how I can help humanity and the planet through the Universal and Angel energy.

The written word seems to be my way to reach you.  You can ignore it, read it and then forget about it, or you can absorb every word and take some time out for yourself and see how you can make your life happier and lighter.  I hope that you all choose the latter, but as I will always say, it is YOUR chioce, your life and the only peron who can sail their ship through the calm and opposed muddy waters is you.

So when you make your wishes tonight, think hard about what you really want.  You don’t have to make blunt disciplined rules of resolutions as we all know they are hardly ever maintained.  Just promise that you will do everything that is right for you, brings you self respect love and calm and that no matter what, you shall endure.

Keep the angels in your minds and soul always.  You may be dubious on whether they are there or even exist, but they are not judgemental, if you ask for their help it will be there, it will happen in the most peculiar and unimaginable ways, but trust me when I say, you are not alone and are guided every step of the way.

Only you can bring yourself off of the easy path through stubborness, lack of strength or fear of change, free will can not be interefered with so look at every action you take, every statement you make and see if it is for the greater good, if not, you are taking your first step off of the path you should be on.

So embrace the New Year.  Raise up those chins and walk with strength, love and conviction in your heart, for Earth life is just a whisper within the loud voice our soul journey is, immortal, pure and neverending

Happy New Year


God Bless

Nicky xxxxx