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Hiya darlings, hope that you are all well.
I have just tried to go through my inbox, its taken me two hours and right back to october lol and I am not even halfway through.. A lot of messages are asking for readings and details of events, all news is on here.
So please don’t be offended if I don’t reply as its a bit too much.

Thank you for all of your well wishes and beautiful messages. So many are asking about where I am going to be, etc.
For the time being I am still trying to heal and master my ME. I am living in Devon as it is the perfect place to heal.
I have limited time when I can work as it is frustratingly exhausting and painful.
For the time being I am only doing what is advertised on my website.
I am writing, teaching with my friend at Lupton House, healing and getting myself well for what i know is going to be an amazing future of which I am very excited.
So please bear with me, I can only do what my body allows and if I could travel around and work I would, unfortunately for the time being the choice has been taken away.
I just want to thank you all for your beautiful messages, love and support. I am truly humbled and I say that from the heart.
If you know anyone with CFS, ME or fibromyalgia, try to understand it is a persistent condition that is overwhelming, so give those people a call, take em out for the day as we appreciate the support but just don’t ask!
God Bless you all
Nicky xxx


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