Hi everyone x

Ok, inbox, I have on all my pages 11,000 followers so you can imagine how many inbox messages I get daily. I’m not ignoring your messages I just can’t cope with replying to every single one,

Most of them are asking about events, readings etc. Events are all clearly advertised on here, my group page, website and twitter.

Due to my ongoing health problems caused by a road accident  and having no appropriate treatment YET after nearly two years I have had to move to Devon and here I shall start my own healing programme.

I will still be visiting Essex and carrying out events but I need some substantial rest, or I will never get back to a manageable life.

I can offer telephone readings where you leave your name on 07912 600327. But I cannot guarantee the wait and there is a possibility that cud be cancelled short notice due to my unpredictable condition which is ME and Fibromyalgia.

So that’s where I am, I moved last night down to Devon And am exhausted.

I needed to share this as I need to let you know where I am with things so you don’t think I’m ignoring you 🙂

I have this weekend workshop at Lupton and the following weekend workshop at Canvey then from then who knows.

Thank you for your support and love, any changed to events if I’m feeling better will be placed on here, much love, Nicky xx