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Hi all,

Ever wondered about spiritualist churches / centres and what they are all about?

Want to go but don’t know what to expect?

Spiritualist churches and centres offer like minded people to get together, you can get a reading from a medium, healing and access to all sorts of development courses.

I have an article in Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune that details everything you need to know about them

It fits perfectly in with students who are currently working on session two of my PRISM LIVING course!

The article comes out on 1st July

Hope it helps



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Hi all,
well it’s been a busy few weeks working down at devon, but there are some very exciting events coming up at the Lupton Trust, so do keep an eye on my facebook and on here.

The book is just about ready to be produced for the publishers, so very excited about that. So many people have asked for pre – orders, but will wait a little while longer before taking names,etc.
It’s called Heaven Calling and covers everything about loss and grieving your loved ones on a spiritual and human level as well as a heart stoppingly beautiful tribute to people who have passed over and reconnected with their families!
At the moment, all intimate evenings for the year are SOLD OUT as well as readings for the time being, sorry.
The only way to see me at the moment is at public shows, but some of them are quite intimate settings, so will still be very special!

Just leaves me to say, enjoy the autumn onset and stay happy! xxxx

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Readings and stuff

Hello my lovelies,
Well everything is running full steam ahead with the decorating being finished at Lupton in the Amethyst room. I was so excited and very tearful to see the room which has been created by a team Lupton effort! We are now working on the seasons cafe so brushes, paint and hard graft are the order of the day this week, we should be up and running within a week so keep a look out for events and special coffee mornings!
Many people have been asking about readings, please be patient! I will be making some telephone readings available as well as one to ones being done at Lupton and also angel card readings helping you along your life and spiritual path. I will advertise on my blog adn facebook when I can find some dates. All great workshops and events to take place and some suprises that I hope you will love.
So paint brush in hand I’m off to do some more decorating xx much love xx

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The Amethyst Room awaits!

Well hello all,

very busy time this week trying to fit in telephone readings, intimate evenings and packing boxes for my new workplace in Devon and our new beach side home! It’s truly amazing how much stuff there is! I have been grabbing everything I can that contains an amethyst as this will go perfectly in my new Amethyst room at Lupton! Amethyst crystal is my most favourite of all the stones. Funnily enough it is purple! It is a beautiful stone and one of the best healing stones available. It can help you heal from grieving and past situations as well as generally heal parts of your mind body and soul. It is also an excellent stone to help focus your mind in meditation and aids spiritual people and psychic ability. It is also a great stone to be placed by your children’s beds if they have interrupted sleep or may even be witnessing spiritual visitations at night.

I helped a young boy, Ben, in my friend Gaynor’s shop, Miracles and Magic (www.miraclesand magic.co.uk). Since being a baby he has had very troubled sleep and night terrors and visitations, very spiritual boy. He left the shop with a dream catcher an amethyst and another crystal in tow and has not had a bad night since! He drew me a beautiful picture recently to say thank you bless him. An angel and guess what colour the wings were? Purple!! I asked him why he had coloured them purple he said he didn’t know. Very special little boy!

The amethyst is a protective stone for sleeping children and stops their rest being interrupted by spirit family. They can be charged as all crystals in many ways. Over night in the full moon on the window sill, in sunlight, buried in the ground, etc personally for quickness I either run them under water or draw a bath of sea salt an charge them all in that. Or even better in a net into the sea at Devon! Crystals are an invaluable part of your life. They are live pieces of mother nature that contain atoms that resonate energy that have properties to heal and help. Find your local shop and go have a look!

Good news is coming for Essex! I can’t say too much but you will be able to see more of me on a one to one basis and come and ask me any spiritual questions you like. A base is being sorted now so I will have a spiritual workplace in Devon and one in Essex, SO EXCITED!
So my angels, I have more boxes to fill, I then have my last intimate evening in Essex for a while and the next week will be full of meeting up with my lovely friends, picking carpets and getting the Amethyst Room and Seasons Cafe up and running by the beautiful coast. If you are local to South Devon please come and say hello, we can have a coffee, some home made cake and wax lyrical on all things spiritual! Dream boat time!!! But a reality.
Never hold back on your dreams, if you put it out there, it will come to you when the energy is right. Sometimes we just don’t see the wrong energy around us, but when we clear it, your destiny awaits………


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