**Please Note**

Due to Nicky’s current health condition, please be aware that she may have to postpone workshops, events, shows, readings and any other commitments at short notice which can not be avoided.  A priority alternative date when possible will be provided, but no refund will be offered on deposits, we just ask respectfully for you to be patient.

Telephone Readings

1. Telephone readings are for 50 minutes and cost £50.  Please text your name and the word READING to 07802 271097.

Nicky will call you for the reading.  Skype can be arranged for abroad, if you wish a telephone reading from abroad you will call Nicky.

2.  Full payment has to be made prior to the reading under all circumstances.

3.  Unless due to discretion, your payment has to be made within 24 hours from booking your reading.  Payment is facilitated through bank transfer.  This is due to clients failing to make payment and preventing a further client receiving a reading.

4.  Failing to make payment and failing to notify Nicky of cancellation will render you unable to make a further reading with Nicky.

5.  Readings are a scientific experiment and so therefore results cannot be guaranteed.


Intimate Evenings and Public Shows

1. Due to the nature of the evening and the disposition of some of the attendees it is not guaranteed that you will receive a reading

2. It is not advisable for you to attend an evening if you are in the first stages of grieving and have not yet accepted the passing of your loved one

3. Nicky will not work in an atmosphere where people are smoking or have consumed large amounts of alcohol. She will also not work in an atmosphere where the behaviour of any person is disrespectful, aggressive or non cooperative. The premises will be vacated, you will not receive a refund

4. Nicky will not work at licensed premises or public houses unless the general public has absolutely no access to the event and is completely seperate from any bar area. Contravention of this will result in Nicky leaving the premises with no refund.

5. If Nicky should have cancelled the evening due to unavoidable circumstances, you may have to wait for the next available slot which may take up to a few months.

6. The deposit remains unrefundable, but is at the discretion of Nicky Alan Psychic Medium Ltd to refund under certain circumstances. In any case, less than 72 hrs notice of you cancelling an evening will not be refunded.

7. A Deposit is required to secure your evening, it is your choice if you wish to pay in full before the evening. It is down to the discretion of Nicky Alan Psychic Medium Ltd to change the set fee due to individual circumstances and distance to be travelled.

8. The evening is scheduled to run 7pm til 10 pm. The matinees 1pm til 4 pm for intimate sessions, unless otherwise agreed.

9. Due to legalities, the event cannot be tape recorded.

10. The evening is a scientific experiment and therefore results cannot be guaranteed.


Workshop/Investigation terms and conditions

1. Any cancellation within 48 hrs prior to the event will not be refunded. Under certain circumstances the discretion of Nicky alan psychic ltd may deem otherwise.

2. Full payment is now required for all workshops prior to the workshop. This is due to repeated late notification of cancellation made by individuals

3. Please be aware that some workshops create you being in an altered state of consciousness and any one of a nervous or vulnerable disposition should not attend certain workshops.

4. All workshops are a scientific experiment and therefore no results can be guaranteed.

5.   The deposit remains unrefundable, but is at the discretion of Nicky Alan Psychic Medium Ltd to refund under certain circumstances. In any case, less than 48 hrs notice of you cancelling an evening will not be refunded.  Due to Nicky’s health condition, there have been more events postponed, an alternative evening will be arranged, but please be prepared to wait and be patient.

Conditions of Sale:

Ticket sales are subject to conditions below and are not refundable or transferable.

1. In the event of venue cancellation by Nicky Alan management, which will only take place due to unavoidable circumstances, an alternative date will be arranged for a return to the venue or within the local area. Alternatively a credit note will be issued, which can be used to enter another event/venue subject to prior agreement with Nicky Alan management.

2. Tickets or services cannot be transferred to another party, the name/s on the booking are solely for the use of that person/s, unless prior agreement has been obtained from Nicky Alan management.

3. Intimate evenings that are cancelled by the customer lose their deposit. Depending on circumstances, an alternative date can be arranged and re-scheduled, with a further deposit having to be placed. If we (Nicky Alan management) cancel due to unavoidable circumstances, a later date will be arranged to the customer’s satisfaction.

4. The customer is responsible for themselves to attend events and if for any reason cannot, no refund or transfer is available.

5. Once in attendance at a venue customers must abide by the rules of the establishment and that of Nicky Alan management. Nicky Alan management reserves the right to discretion on any of the above conditions.

6. All evenings of mediumship are for scientific purposes only and results cannot be guaranteed

PLEASE NOTE: All readings private or personal carried out by Nicky Alan are under the above terms and conditions

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