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Elizabeth Hockins
 Tthank yothank so much Nicky for Sharing this wonderful video , I love and agree with all of what you spoke about Nicky , it's so refreshing to hear people like yourself encouraging others to go forward , I was only saying to myself the other day , we need more people like yourself , because there are so many beautiful people out there wanting to go onto the spiritual path or to go further ,but they think thayneed money to do this wich is not the case thay just need the guidance , i look forward to your videos Nicky , I am also on my spiritual path , been more strongly so far for the last five or six years , and I try to inspire as much as I can , even if it's just some guidance in what I am saying to them , because the more light on this planet Makes the world a better place , thank you again Nicky for your authenticity , you are a beautiful bright light , thank you for your amazing videos xxx THE BEDROOM GURU - YOUTUBE  
 THE BEDROOM GURU -YouTube I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how much I am loving your you tube channel. I was so fortunate to have a reading from you many years ago. It's something I think of every day! I was very spiritual when I was younger, but that side of me became blocked with grief and busy daily life for many years. Watching your videos seems to have reawakened something in me and I feel I want to learn more. 
Lesley Cole
 THE BEDROOM GURU - YOUTUBE oined you in bed yesterday Nicky! listening to your brilliant you tube insights into the other realm. Love it, keep them coming. Love and light. Xx 
Kate Biss
 NICKY'S BOOK - HEAVEN CALLING Be open, take a read through it whatever your belief system. Grief is one of the hardest things you will go through in this life time and to know that death is not the end and that your loved ones are there for you is a wonderful feeling. It doesn't make the grief go away but at least you can be proactive in helping yourself. Do the exercises, see what happens, look out for signs. It has given me hope and assurance that we go on to a better place. Grief is a hard process and akin to an injury to your brain. Be kind to yourself and take time to read through this wonderful book that will give you hope'and give you a focus whilst you recover'. 
Jo Frances
 THE BEDROOM GURU YOU TUBE This blew me away but also made a lot of sense. I didn’t want you to stop ! Thank you xxx 
Laurie Anne Kearns
 THE BEDROOM GURU Wonderful! So lovely to see you again too! Looking forward to watching your next video. Love & light X 
Nicola Owen
 THE BEDROOM GURU ON ADHD Fabby stuff. From someone who it has worked for definitely worth getting a light like you mentioned. As you know Jack has his on every night, and how odd that the colour he has is always blue. Keep it coming babe, your doing fab xxx 
Mary Anne Flight
 THE BEDROOM GURU Thank you Nicky, loved the video. It has helped a lot.xxxx 
Edwina Walton-Fiddes
 Heya huni, I was just now watching your video above & I had to stop around 19 minutes into it as I just became so overwhelmed with emotion, I started crying & couldn’t finish watching just yet. XxX 
Michele Marie Liddle
  It was very comforting. Also I am someone since I was little that has been so scared of death and dying so it was nice to know I shouldn't be afraid x 
Jennifer Millard
 Thank you so so much for this wonderful series X I found this very moving and helpful. So much clarity to things in an easily understanding way X Take Care X 
Leonard Shepperd
  Tried forest gate thinking why do I bother there all fakes and educated guessers I had all the usual garbage over the years do you know a john that theme until nicky allen that is  
Amber Lea
 Medium demonstration with the 1 n only Nicky Alan!, back from bad health n bad ass! Looks Amazin, healthy, stronger n YOUNGER! N Spot on as usual, with all readings! wel done u super trooper, had a gr8 night, love that gal! welcome bak n love, light n healin xxxxx 
 As a professional tarot and angel card Reader I have absolutely loved going back to basics and reconnecting with my Soul Journal and doing the exercises you have recommended. Having done some of them previously with you in your workshops I know they work and everyone can grow from them. For anyone sitting on the fence, take the plunge and invest in your self. Even though the course is delivered over 7 weeks this really is a lifestyle change or in my case time to focus on my own Spiritual Practises rather than solely on my clients, you won’t regret it! I now write in my Soul Journey every day, whether it’s documenting my daily cards, my automatic writing sessions with Spirit or simply what I’m grateful for or what made me smile during the day! This is my special time of the day when the focus is just on me and my thoughts. In many ways it reminds me of my teenage years and my daily diary entries which I did for over 10 years but then life got in the way! Sometimes we need little reminders about our daily spiritual practises and this 7 week course does all of this and so much more. I also now have a slight obsession with purchasing more A5 journals with sparkly covers! Thank you Nicky from the bottom of my heart!  
Lindsey Cox
 I recently started your online prism living course. I have only been doing it for just over three weeks and have just started Session 2 of the 7 but omg I can not believe what a difference this has made to me so far already. I am so much happier and more positive with my life in general and despite initially being a bit of a sceptic - it all makes sense. You have written the course in an easy way to understand without being too flowery which made all the difference . I have my soul journal which brings me pleasure every day and reinforces all the happiness and positivity I am feeling right now. Looking forward to the next instalments - totally recommend this to everyone - you will have nothing to lose and will gain so much. Thanks so much xx 
Julia Starr
 Nicky - am absolutely loving your course, for me personally it's about going back to basics and dealing with issues that I thought I'd already let go off, Spirit think otherwise lol I already work with gratitude and happiness daily in my spiritual practise and know it's a huge part of bringing more abundance into my life. Sometimes though life gets a little busy, with clients and we forget about dealing with our own stuff and little reminders are called for! So many times my Guides and Guardian Angel say to me "Are you listening?" when I'm with a client giving them the insight, guidance and clarity they are seeking. We are always learning and evolving along our spiritual path - am only on week 1 but am loving all the exercises and writing in my rainbow coloured journal! This course is suitable for all walks of life spiritual or non spiritual in fact I'm trying to encourage my partner / children to do some of the exercises ❤️  
Carol Hatton
 Thanks Nicky, course is very inspiring, going to have some quiet time tonight ,and enjoy the thought process xx 
 ME, Myself and I Blog - Beautiful writing, very informative, thank you & God bless xx 
Carol Mumster Collins
  I have been lucky enough to get messages from seeing you at theatre and telephone message. Accurate reading and messages given by a very lovely dedicated lady xxx 
Sue Stringer Moore
  You read for me in Leicester it was so accurate, even named people who were still here as well as those who have passed over, you were brilliant Nicky x  
Karen Honeybul
  Hi Nicky, I have had a couple of readings with you as well as sitting in your spiritual teachings group and seen you at a couple of demonstrations. In my opinion you are a fantastic gifted medium as well as a bright and bubbly person. I wish you all the best in your health and spiritual work. 
Paul Roy Clark
  Well in my opinion having had a reading off you and watched your demonstrations you have one of the strongest links with spirit I have ever known 
Teresa Gibbon
  Nicky, you brought so much comfort to me when my dad passed. Everything you said in your reading was breathtakingly accurate then and now - four and a half years later. You bring so much joy, peace, love and comfort to so many xx 
Lynda Hannen
  Fantastic lady, everything that you said on the night we had our reading was spot on, and very comforting x 
Jane Whiskerd
  Nicky Alan you are the best medium I've seen and have been lucky enough to have had messages from. The messages were unbelievably accurate needless to say I was amazed and comforted. No one would've known the details that you relayed to me apart from me! You are one special lady! X  
Lynn Owen
 Earth Walkers , I was very privileged to be the first to read  this amazing book written by one amazing lady. This book is a page turner , could not stop reading, sucked you in with such force, descriptive does not even begin to  describe   the words on the pages and the feelings within you, make you feel  part of this story,    you are gripped from the first chapter .     I am by no means good with words, unlike Nicky, and to read this magnificent   book  brought out    emotions in me, that  when I told her how  wonderful her writing was, I was in floods of tears, from where they came I have no idea , this is the effect her writing provoked in me, cannot wait for the film  as it will be a block buster for sure  .  Waiting for the continuation  with anticipation x           Lynn    Owen Bristol          
Laurie Kearns - Blog
 Just read this entry, what a wonderfully inspiring part of your story. Moved me to tears and gave me hope. Thank you x 
Jan Martin - Earth Walkers
      Jan      26th March  Nicky Alan has a rare and very beautiful gift . Her writing is spell binding .   You are in there with the Earth Walkers, your steps being her wonderful words . I was unable to put her writings down , they evoke beautiful thoughts and the imagination  fills no boundaries.  It makes you aware of the very very beautiful life and the world we live in. I feel her writing ought to be made mandatory reading in ALL schools . Beautiful thoughts awaken beautiful senses and the mind is filled with love . Sensitive to the end , very inspirational to all who read EARTH WALKERS. Keep it up Nicky        Jan from Worcester    
Adrienne Nash
  Nicky Alan has also done FREE DEMONSTRATIONS for the Helen Allison Autistic School she was very good and all the money went to the school I have also seen her at different venues and a good friend of mine won a free reading with her and Nicky was 100% correct, how do i know? she let me sit in with my friend My friend Showed Nicky a photo at the end of her dad Nicky stroked his face and said hello Ray that was his name his name was never mentioned through out the reading xxxA Very Special Lady 
Jean Jarvis
 Plain and simple for me, 30 + years of therapy then one amazing evening with you and my mind just clicked into peace, I haven’t has a therapy session since, god bless you Nicky  
Gillian Barker
 I was with Jean that night and totaly have seen how its changed her. I have had two readings with Nicky and can say without a shadow of doubt how nice it was to be re-assured my love ones came through for me. Nicky you are a lovely lady and the best at what you do for everyone. X 
Carol Stevenson
 Love your blog very interested in your work for spirit you never gave up even though near sometimes hope and spirit carried you forward.No am sorry have never had a reading or met you but my daughter had a great reading with you years ago.I am president of Brentwood S.Church etc when you feel well ring as you are always welcome when you are well 
Amanda Briggs
 Nicky is so accurate with her readings every time. I have seen her in a small theatre setting and have been privileged to have had her give group readings in my home on several occasions. Each time I was blown away with the information from loved ones that confirm to those left on Earth that their nearest and dearest are still very much around us. Nicky is honest, bubbly and makes everyone feel at ease. I have found it very hard to find anyone else that I would want a reading from. Feel very blessed to met her. 
Annie Wilson
 Nicky is so accurate with her readings every time. I have seen her in a small theatre setting and have been privileged to have had her give group readings in my home on several occasions. Each time I was blown away with the information from loved ones that confirm to those left on Earth that their nearest and dearest are still very much around us. Nicky is honest, bubbly and makes everyone feel at ease. I have found it very hard to find anyone else that I would want a reading from. Feel very blessed to met her. 
Eileen Brown
 Nicky Alan is incredible. I have been more convinced of the afterlife with her than with any other medium or psychic. Got my husband’s name right and my friend’s husband and sister. There was so much more but there is too much to list it all but I was tremendously impressed. 
Tracy Bellenger
 ‘Seen Nicky many times, she is a lovely, funny and kind lady. The best medium I have ever seen and I have seen a lot! By getting a message through Nicky I was able to help a family member who was in a very bad place at the time…I would say she literally saved a life there. Much love to a beautiful soul. X’ 
Maddie Kidd
 ‘I have never seen anyone more impressive working. You’re multiple psychic gifts make it very amazing to watch. Your accuracy in unsurpassed, if you you’re having problems being spot on you never give up until you have the link right and get the spirits message across. I have said to multiple people that if they want cast iron proof that messages from the other side are real. Come and see you work and their opinions will be changed. God bless. Xx’ 
Ally Horn
 ‘I saw u in waltham abbey in 2011 I think…u told me about my tattoo n the name of who done it…u told me my partners name n brought through my kids dad n grandad which u described to a tee even their mannerisms….u spoke to my daughter too n we were both so happy with what u said u made our night…..and we would love to see u again..xx’ 
Esme Atiya
 ‘I am so grateful to nicky as having had phone contact, been to evenings at Lupton House Brixham and several “intimate evenings” receiving personal 1 to 1 I feel and definitely know that Nicky Alan has been blessed with a wonderful talent, of bringing unmeasureable comfort to my life. Having had many unanswered questions from my childhood answered has given me such relief, understanding and comfort which in turn has helped me to love and forgive those concerned also to love myself and now able to accept and move on. The readings I have received has also been completely accurate to names, situations and events. I owe Nicky Alan so much and would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need as I was. May God bless and send peace of mind and Angel’s to surround her in her calling to support many more people as she has supported me.’ 
Michelle Kemp
 'I had the best and most breath taking reading ever with you "nicky alan" it was a party of about 7 and my best mate got drunk lol and her sister come through and everything u said to me was spot on. Not one thing out of place all of it was correct, ive gone on to have another baby as u said i would i was actually expecting at the time of my reading and i didnt know it lol u said i was the most intuned person out of the whole group and u said that if i didnt believe that i had done very well for myself youd come a slap me psml which id found quite funny lol 😙 hope u are well nicky would love to catch up sometime soon xx'  
Lucie Lumley
 ‘I came to two of your shows when we were based in germany. As others can imagine they were probably some of the most emotional shows you did. I brought my hubby along to the second one as he was interested but skeptical and we will never forget his grandad coming through every word was true even down to you (him) saying JACK thats the perfect name stop looking (i was 7 months pregnant with my son and we had choose that but i was still looking haha) we had told no one. Jack anthony is now 8yrs old and i remember every word. You are an amazing woman with a very special ability to bring light when there is darkness and comfort. Xxx’ 
Philip Roberts
 ”Nicky Alan you are nothing short of an Angel you came to me even when you were unwell just to pass a message from my dearly departed Dad. You are amazing. Xx’ 
Tina Burridge
 I have seen Nicky which she was so good to give people messages from the other side and I have read your blog it is great I can relate to it as in constant pain no energy x’ 
Corinna Howlett
 'Well I was lucky enough to win a 1-2–1 reading with you at Bungay Suffolk, it was so accurate! A few months before, I'd done my first mediumship Demonstration and didn't want to do another one any time soon ... haha ! You told me I'd being doing another 1, and very soon ( I was like, yeah right !) well the next morning I had a call to step in and do a Demonstration THAT night !! I remember you saying how similar we were in lots of different way, which has stuck with me ... I'm going through diagnosis of Fibro 🙄xx what sticks with me was how down to earth you were and so accurate with everything. Xx I'm now working for spirit on platform and I love it 😘 keep well and moving forward Hun xx'  
Anja Leighwood
 ‘I have seen Nicky Alan on several occassions over in East Anglia . Watched her in action and also experienced her abilities one to one. Over the year’s I have come to see the gift she has the power it has and genuine ability link the spirit plans. From personal experience Nicky has been able to share information that was only known to me personally proving to me the credibility of this woman. Her gift is truly blessed .’ 
Sherrie Holloway
 ‘I think you was amazing been to see you working and each time you was spot on . When my dad came through he made you taste sherry and you didn’t like it. No one was taking the message,then I said it might be for me. Your reply was why did I think this was for me as you can see my name is Sherrie x’ 
Tonya Chapman
 Nicky has been a great part in my Pre-School fundraising, she’s brought so much to the people who attended our nights. Including me! She has such a wonderful gift and always so sensitive to every member of the audience. Miss her nights in Suffolk. 
Carol Hatton
 ‘I haven’t had a reading from Nicki ,but I read her blogs and the comments from other people .I have found these to be very genuine ,and from the heart exactly as the other lady says ,likened to a friend next door . I was looked for inspiration /knowledge for my own spiritual journey ,and I have found this in Nicky’s words that I have read and guidance she has given to others and through their testimonies of working with Nicky . I have seen how uplifted people have been after receiving readings and Nicky gives her reading with love . I am so pleased I have now got the opportunity to link in and get support and guidance for my spiritual journey . Thanks Love Carol Hatton’ 
Kesley Otter
 Well what can I say..... Nicky Alan has an extremely rare and very special gift that will never ever cease to amaze me. Over the years I have seen Nicky Alan's work and I have never seen the joy, hope, peace, education and love ever brought to this extent by anyone else connecting to the spirit world. Nicky is down to earth, genuinely cares that the messages are received correctly, is clear, concise and will never accept an incorrect acknowledgement from us on the earth plane. If we have misinterpreted, Nicky has always ensured that the message is understood to the best it possibly can be. When I didn't even know I needed support on how to guide my young family through the passing of my little dog, Nicky was able to connect and translate clear messages from the spirit world. This helped my family tremendously and I was extremely grateful for this & honoured to have a sign post the passing of my dog which Nicky confirmed. Nicky has connected with loved ones over the years and it has been so connected to their personality that it really has felt at times they have just emigrated. The connection has been so strong allowing questions I had ready to ask Nicky already being answered in the reading. I speak highly of Nicky, even if years pass without seeing her work, so much so friends of friends have wanted to make contact. Without fail, everybody who has then connected with Nicky is subsequently amazed and in absolute awe of Nicky's work and every time Nicky lives up to the endorsement. I'd like to thank Nicky for connecting with my loved ones in the spirit world. I feel very honoured to have crossed Nicky's path over the years and I would highly recommend for anyone to follow Nicky's work or indeed attend an event or reading as it truly is beautiful work that you do not want to end. I wish you Nicky all the best with your gift and journey and I hope to see your incredible work again in the future. Kesley x