Hi all,
Inspired by my book Heaven Calling, I have added some more videos on YouTube about how to cope with loss and provide you with tools to help you on the path of devastation when you have lost a loved one. This will also help people are suffering with depression which is a daily battle with me as it forms part of the symptoms of ME and Fibromyalgia.
I am adding different content every day, so I do hope you pop by to have a look and gain some spiritual knowledge and coping mechanisms on the way.
Here’s the link to THE BEDROOM GURU series
https://youtu.be/Mk9IwXBSM9o”>THE BEDROOM GURU

I have received such amazing emails in response to the videos so I know I am doing the right thing.
You can subscribe so the next video comes automatically to you for viewing.

I have a lot of change coming. In September I asked the Universe for a new home and pictured exactly what I needed and fed it into my soul journal drawing a picture and writing down everything I would need.
I got a voice in my head tell me that I would sell my house in March/April and that I would be in and settled by August.
Well, I sold my house two days ago and an offer was accepted on my new house which is exactly as I had asked by Brixham harbour!
This has inspired me to do my next YouTube Vlog on Cosmic Ordering as everyone can do it and it does work!
So I will be packing up and looking forward to my new dream home!

I have also been getting some wonderful messages and emails from readers of my three columns in Spirit and Destiny and Fate and Fortune. I am so pleased that I am reaching out to the public in this way as well as in Australia where Spirit and Destiny has launched and doing very well!

Good things come to those who believe they deserve it, so ask for what you would like in life, it does and will happen if you believe that you want it.
So, only for the greater good, get asking!

I hope that you are enjoying the change in the weather.
Keep focused. Keep positive. Be love and radiate love x
Nicky xxx

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