Hi guys,


Hope that you stayed safe during this awful weather.  It was a great chance to be abundant in hot chocolate, box sets and comfy onesies!

Just before the snow I managed to get to Glastonbury with my sister, nieces and nephew.  It was amazing taking the children to the White Spring where they got messages from the Goddess Brigid.  The amazing thing was that both my nieces when their eyes were closed in front of the Goddess were given a purple stone.  When they both said what they had been given and it was the same thing their wonder was priceless to see.  I adore guiding my spiritual nieces and nephews.

Inside the amazing White Spring


In a quick meditation, I was told to get a Cryolite stone by my guide Catherine.  I had absolutely no idea what this stone was and am going to be honest had never heard of it in my life!  I was also given a branch of Birch.  I also had no idea what this meant either.  I love it when I have no idea what I am given as it is a new lesson and proof I haven’t fired it out of my imagination.

The Goddess that presides over the White Spring is Brigid and Pan, the King of the Faerys presides also.  They provide the sacred feminine and masculine, the Yin and Yang of the Universe.

It was great watching the children and my sister charge their crystals and enjoy the pure power of the Spring, well apart from the naked man who went in for a cleansing dip!

If you go to Glastonbury, NEVER miss going to The White Spring.  You get instant access to the Goddess energy where your visions are so strong it’s unbelievable.  The water is also the virgin spring charged by the cumulative ley lines of the Tor.  Take a few bottles to get some of the water!  There are keepers of the Spring who cleanse and bless this sacred space every morning and evening.  They open the place for free but please take a donation out of respect for their diligence.  You will find the White Spring adjacent to the Challice Well Gardens which is also worth a look.

Outside The White Spring










After the spring we traipsed off to the Crystal shop.  I was desperately hoping that the lady had heard of my crystal.  When I walked in and asked for it, she obliged and showed me the crystal.  It was exactly what I had seen in my vision, I was gobsmacked.  It is a very powerful stone and is used for blending with higher beings and the angel realms.  Right down my street!  I was obviously told I had to get it, so I did.  I feel it burn now and then as it powers up.  I have noticed even stronger connection to the angel realms, who incidentally gave me the inspiration today on what to teach on the residential retreat at Gaunt House!


My sister and the children also got their crystals that they were shown in the White Spring.  They were all crystals that they needed for this time.

I was never a great follower of crystals but now I respect them and wear whatever I need either by what my guides direct me or what I feel on the day.

You may have read my story in my column DIARY OF A PSYCHIC in Spirit and Destiny magazine where Catherine told me to get a Laboradite and a Ruby.  They were needed to get me through the tough months prior to and just after Christmas.

Have a look into using crystals.  I believe that we should embrace everything we can to help our human experience whilst on this Earth.

I also googled Birch, and blow me down it is the wood of the Goddess Brigid who presides over the White Spring.  I had been given the ultimate gift from the Goddess herself!  How wonderful!

Now I need to find a birch stick!



Here is also an update for the residential retreat next year in April for GAUNT HOUSE.

I will be doing an Evening of Mediumship on the Saturday night (I think this may be open to the public as well but not sure) and here is some info on what I will be teaching xx So look forward to seeing you there!!

We may be the best at trying to be spiritual but how do we use the Archangels help with challenges that are brought before us on our human experience? The lows, the highs, the hurts and the losses can take us off of a positive living experience rendering us stuck, vulnerable and lost.
Inspired by my online PRISM LIVING spiritual living course, we will work with Archangels Chamuel, Azrael and Michael. You will learn how to invoke and sit in the energy of these angels. You will be shown how to work their powerful force into your every day waking life. Whatever life throws at you, the tools gained in this session will help you to deal with any situation, any person and any obstacle that would ordinarily halt you on your path. You will be able to let go of what holds you back, discover self love, what still affects you from your past and realise a new way forward in embracing change and any trauma that befalls you. 
Please wear comfortable clothing as we will be doing some of the session lying down.


I have spent all of my life being shown Heaven, the Angel Realms and the Chambers that reside within the Crystal Palace. It is now time for me to share and bring other souls up to experience the amazing journey to Heaven!
For the first time, I will be taking you up to the Ultimate Source of the Universe!
I will guide you to the CRYSTAL PALACE where you will bathe in the CHERUBIM POOL OF DIVINE TRUTH to understand your soul mission and life path. You will visit the CELESTIAL GARDENS where the Seraphim will greet you and bathe you in the POOL OF ETERNAL LIFE healing any blockages in your Kundalini Line. You will be taken to the HALLS OF LEARNING where you will meet Ascended Masters or Guides that will bring you messages to help your human experience. You will visit the REALITY LAYER/HEAVEN where you will have the chance to blend with your loved ones who have passed to Spirit. I will take you to the GRAND CHAMBERS OF THE ARCHANGELS where you will blend with the Archangel who wishes to preside over your soul and help you.
This can be a very emotional session. Your soul will be residing in The Crystal Palace for the whole session. You can finally be amongst all of the Celestial layers as a visitor!
This session is mainly in a deep trance like state lying down for the majority of the session. It is recommended that you have some experience of timely meditations and an easy ability to visualise. Please wear comfortable clothing for this session.
Please have a soul journal or note book to record your experiences after the session.

So look forward to seeing you there.  If you want to book early there are payment plans available.  I think it is very cheap for an all inclusive spiritual holiday with some of the best light workers in Europe teaching and demonstrating.  There will also be private readings available in the evenings.


To book either go to SACRED STARS TEACHING GROUP on Facebook or call Gaynor on 07957 307604

Exciting times to come!!!! xxxx