Hi all,
Well it has been a tough week as I have been in bed very exhausted. It took it out of me doing the video having my friend stay, but as I say it was worth it.I will do others when I feel strong enough.
I am happy to say that the video reached over 5,000 people, so it has brought me so much joy that I may have helped inspire you.  Especially on enduring chronic illness and keeping the faith through the dark times.
I was wondering if the readings I was doing were not good at the moment for my health, but my goodness, even though I do a couple a week I realise that I am a vessel to bring hope, 

education and comfort and from what I about to share, I am supposed to be doing them!.
How could I possibly question it as I want to share this story.
So kindly, the lady who got the reading has given permission as she wants to inspire and help others.
Her beautiful dad from the spirit world came through and had a dog and a cat wrapping themselves around his feet. I then saw the most darling brown eyes looking up at me. Now this used to be my symbol that an animal was due to go up to the spirit world and that he would look after them. But as all mediums will understand this bit, I didn’t want to say anything until I got more confirmation that what I was sensing was right.!! Self bloody doubt!
Unfortunately later on in the reading I confirmed that the lady had a little dog that was very seriously ill. Her dad also introduced a new symbol to me pushing his hands to the side which meant they wouldn’t have to make a difficult decision it would be out of their hands.
As I knew she was due to go up, I explained all about the rainbow bridge where all animals initially visit to get through their transition from Earth, ably assisted by Archangel Ariel. That they then go and get looked after by family members in the reality layer of the Spirit world.
I wanted to help ease the process and make it more manageable when Kaya, the dog went up.
Don’t get me wrong it will never alleviate the pain of physical loss but preparation and changing your energy for the passing does help immensely.
We all know that our pets are Earth angels here to guide us, comfort us and love us unconditionally. I think I am right in saying that almost everyone in the world views them as a family member, period.
So after explaining the Rainbow Bridge and how Archangel Ariel could help I also suggested a baul baul to put on the tree for Christmas dedicated to Kaya.
The lady took everything on board and even though it was a tough subject, much to my pleasure it brought a way forward for her and her family..
Well, she told me the following day that her daughter was drawing a rainbow for Kaya, she hadn’t even told the children about the rainbow bridge yet!
Sadly, Kaya, as I thought, passed a couple of days ago. The lady’s dad had said that she would deteriorate quickly and take any decision away that would be difficult.
This took place.
The lady had invoked A Angel Ariel, had arranged a memorial plaque and was getting a xmas baul baul., which helped them all including the children.
I told her she would get a sign that she was safe and well
OMG I am not joking, the doors are all closed and windows, I could hear a massive tapping sound and two butterflies have just appeared flapping at the window!! Two!! Wow!
Anyway she got her sign, boy did she get her sign!
Look at the pictures below.
When you invoke angels and ask the spirit world to help, there is nothing they cannot manifest if you open your mind and just ask.
This is what she saw at the bottom of her cup just having been to a tea room!!!

kaya-1   kaya img_7887 img_7892