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Nicky's Writing & TV Career

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Nicky has been a freelance paranormal/spiritual writer since 2005 and has had multiple articles published in:

  • Kindred Spirit

  • Two Worlds

  • Psychic News

  • Take a break’s Fate and Fortune

  • Spirit and Destiny

  • Candis magazine

  • Essex Gazette

  • Guardian newspaper

  • Paranormal news

  • Chat it’s Fate

  • Haunted Magazine

  • Prediction Magazine

  • Psychic Vision

  • Mystic Mag

Open Take a Break Magazine

Nicky is the current columnist as the Psychic Detective in Take a Break’s Fate and Fortune Magazine – UK and Australia. She investigates cold cases and mysteries using her psychic ability.

Spirit and Destiny Magazine
Take a Break Magazine
Nicky Alan Article in Take a Break Magazine
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Nicky’s  first book M.E Myself and I: Diary of a Psychic became an International Best SellerIt is available to order on Kindle and paperback on Amazon and most online book stores.
There is also an audible version available in her shop

Nicky Alan Book Release Me Myself and I
Nicky Alan Me Myself and I Book Cover
Nicky Alan book Signing
Nicky Alan dip into The Divine

This is a brutally honest story of a woman struck down with M.E and Fibromyalgia in the prime of her life as a successful TV psychic medium. Left with nothing but two dustbin bags, demons from the past and her two dogs, she embarks on an incredible journey.

Grieving her old life and begrudgingly accepting guidance from angels and spirit guides after losing her faith, she finds a reason to live from the brink of suicide by experiencing celestial miracles and a passion to write. This inspirational self-help spiritual memoir highlights a chronic illness pandemic sweeping through the world that society has shamefully neglected.

Her esoteric voice representing the ‘millions missing’ brings hope, faith and a definitive strength of the human spirit during the injustice of one life altering episode after another.

‘Speaking from her heart, Nicky reaches out to each one of us with compassion and love as she openly and honestly shares her most intimate life details through such an amazing course of events. This book is a refreshing and real story. Horrific, but real. Her sufferings have made her the strong, compassionate woman she now is, a shining light, a beacon of hope to the world. This is her unique contribution to humanity, timeless in its strong message of hope to us all.

You will not be able to put this book down, guaranteed!’ — Eileen McCourt, author —

Nicky used to be the columnist for Eternal Spirit magazine for three years using her gift of Psychometry in the feature Picturing Eternity. She would do full readings for members of the public using just a photo of their passed loved one.

Eternal Spirit Magazine

Nicky is the current columnist as the Psychic Detective in Take a Break’s Fate and Fortune Magazine – UK and Australia. She investigates cold cases and mysteries using her psychic ability.

Nicky has also appeared on TV shows such as Angels and worked alongside other internationally acclaimed Psychic's and Celebrities. 

Nicky Alan with Melinda Messenger on set
Nicky Alan with Melinda Messenger
Nicky Alan On TV
Nicky Alan and Gloria Hunniford on Angels
Nicky Alan Celebrity Psychic Weekend
Live From Studio Five Nicky Alan and Gloria Hunniford
Nicky Alan and Ray

Nicky’s Second Book The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Psychic Medium has become a No 1 International Best Seller also. It is available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon and online book stores. 
An audible version is available in Nicky’s shop

New Book  Nicky Alan The Rise and Fall f Britain's Best Psychic Medium

This Number One Bestseller is the compelling story of a retired Police Detective who embarks on a journey to becoming a Psychic Medium of international renown, working with celebrities and appearing in major TV productions.


Nicky gives her unique no-holds-barred view of what it is like to work for the Spirit World and includes the most heart rending and hilarious anecdotes of spirit contact as she makes her way into full-time Mediumship. Miracles, gob-smacking messages and unequivocal contact from the dead makes this collection of spiritual stories an absolute must read for the believer, the open-minded sceptic or anyone curious about how the dead contact the living.

Nicky’s incredible ability soon propels her to fame and public acclaim, to be regarded as one of the best Mediums of her time. However, achieving celebrity status in her own right did not come without a cost, and a catastrophic event takes place
that sends this shining star crashing to the ground, changing her destiny in the most unbelievable way.

‘This book is absolutely great and I love it, it will be so relatable to other Spiritualists! It is pure testament to how Nicky can go on working so wonderfully well despite her health. Everyone
from developing Mediums to people who are curious about the afterlife will love this book especially as it is written by such an accomplished Medium.’

Ronnie Buckingham – Psychic Medium
and Bestselling Author of Medium Rare

Nicky’s third book Earthwalkers: Children of the Light is an amazing spiritual fiction book which is due out May 2024.


Nicky has created a new podcast show called SOULSPACE. The Podcast reached the Best Spiritual Show position in the UK in the second week of its launch.


It is currently in the top 10% of most downloaded spiritual shows world wide.


Nicky’s successful YouTube Channel provides the highest quality spiritual tutorials, readings, spiritual philosophy, psychic advice and top class interviews by the most high profile hosts on YouTube.

About Nicky

Devon based Nicky was born in Essex in 1970. Nicky was the granddaughter of a seventh son of a seventh son paternal side from the East end of London. Throughout her childhood she was surrounded by spirit people, had premonitions, saw the doorway to Heaven, had psychic dreams, heard mysterious voices and received many visitations from spirits and angels.


She thought this was the norm and that everybody could do what she did. It wasn’t until she saw the spirit of her dad at nine years old, two days after a fatal road accident, that Nicky was pulled aside by her grand dad and told of her unique family lineage as a medium going back to the bloodline of Mary Magdalen.

 Due to her career as a Police Detective, her mediumship sadly took a back seat, but always bubbled away in the background consisting of doing readings and psychic parties for people during the evenings from the age of 21.

She had no idea about Spiritualist Churches and Development Circles. However, on a fateful summer evening three weeks after she had been medically retired from the police in 2003, her whole world was turned around. The Spirit World had big plans for her. For no reason whatsoever she decided to attend an Evening of Clairvoyance at a local hall in Rayleigh, Essex.

Nicky had never been to one of these nights but felt she had to go. During the demonstration by the mediums, she saw three men reflected in a large window. She looked to see where they were standing in the hall and realised that they didn’t exist. One of the men then waved at her and told her their names and how they had passed.

The three spirit people turned out to be relatives of the medium on stage. Nicky was invited by that medium to join a development circle. Nicky’s house also became haunted by spirits who would not leave her alone until she finally gave in two years later and became a professional full time medium, paranormal investigator and tutor.

Due to public demand, Nicky ended up serving over 80 spiritualist churches and centres throughout the UK. Her waiting list for a reading after a week of turning professional rose to a six-month waiting list including well know celebrities seeking out her incredible gifts. She was also asked to do her first paranormal documentary.

Since 2005 she has travelled throughout Europe and the whole of the UK demonstrating her amazing gift. She was invited to be managed by the late Colin Fry who described Nicky as ‘The New Doris Stokes with a direct line to the Spirit World’. She also toured with Colin Fry and attended shared stage venues and seminars with the late Derek Acorah and Stephen Holbrook.

It was not long before Nicky was asked to do television programmes as well as a multitude of radio interviews in the UK, Australia, South Africa, US, The West Indies and Europe. Television programmes have included two series of Angels with Gloria Hunniford, Chris French and Glennyce Eckersley, Come Dine with Me, Live from Studio Five, A Sister’s Loss Sky Documentary and Street Seer.

She is a magazine columnist as THE PSYCHIC DETECTIVE in FATE AND FORTUNE MAGAZINE, UK and AUSTRALIA and has been a paranormal freelance writer in all of the most well-known Spiritual magazines including, Fate and Fortune, Two Worlds, Prediction, Woman’s Own, Chat it’s Fate, Spirit and Destiny, Psychic news, Mystic Mag and Eternal Spirit.

Nicky shares her wisdom through popular online courses such as The PRISM LIVING seven week spiritual development course.

She shares her knowledge of angels/the paranormal/the spirit world/psychic development/wellbeing and inspirational spiritual development on her hit YouTube Channel Nicky Alan. She is highly sought after all over the world by Podcast interviewers and is esteemed as a superb entertainer as well as a unique medium and angel communicator. Nicky is a shining bubble of light as an online creator.

 Nicky’s podcast show SOULSPACE reached number one after two weeks as the most downloaded spiritual show in the UK.

She has produced many guided meditations to aid spiritual awakening and development.

Nicky is very proud to have written two worldwide bestselling books


M.E Myself and I: Diary of a Psychic


The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Psychic Medium


Her third book is due out very soon.


Due to a catastrophic road accident in 2012, Nicky currently fights M.E and Fibromyalgia. Despite her health challenges, she remains undaunted in reaching millions through her writing, music, US conferences and online social media presence.


The public have labelled her as Keeping it Real due to her down to earth personality and superb humour. She will forever be a shining ambassador for the other dimensions.


Best radio show guest ‘Angels’ – Haunted Devon FM

Number One and Worldwide Bestselling Author

Best Spiritual Podcast Show UK

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