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As most of you will know I had a very hard life shift following a road accident in 2012.

The beauty that came from losing everything including my health was creating this course.  My healing transition helped me find myself and live a life full of contentment, spirituality and tranquility.  My transition was aided by miracles sent from the Spirit World and Angel realms.  I had this experience so that I could help people bring themselves from their darkest moments back into the light.

I thought I would share some of my tips and mindfulness techniques to help you find a path of happiness and wholeness like I did.  This culminated in my PRISM LIVING sessions that will give you every tool to get yourself back on track.  Whether you want to develop your psychic abilities, improve mental health or just live a life with more vision and vitality, this is a course that will help you find peace and a way forward.

Here is a brief itinerary of what you will learn.

Look forward to working with you!

Prism Living is a seven week course where you will be sent weekly sessions via email on how to live a more spiritual and fulfilled  life.

We sometimes get lost in the dramas and traumas that our lives create.  I help you find your path, embrace the present and look forward to the future:

  • ONE – POSITIVE EMOTION – living a more contented life with self examination and mindfulness exercises, helping you to let go of trauma and embrace positivity
  • TWO – PHYSICAL TOOLS – holistic and spiritual tools to boost your inner strength and daily life! Including how to sage, crystal work, healing, spiritualist centres.
  • THREE – THE JOURNEY OF THE SOUL – Discover your past lives, soul purpose in this incarnation and explore the layers of Heaven
  • FOUR – MEDITATION, SYNCHRONICITY AND SYMBOLOGY – How to understand signs from the spirit world and to unite with your spirit guide and guardian angel
  • FIVE – SPIRIT CONNECTION – simple exercises to become closer to your spirit loved ones and the Universal energy
  • SIX – THE ANGEL REALMS – Understanding Archangels and how to incorporate angels into your daily life
  • SEVEN – MOVING FORWARD WITH YOUR INTUITION – mindfulness and basic psychic exercises to help enhance your intuition.

You will be able to face the world as a wiser, stronger you!

Nicky x