Full 2 Hour Email Reading

Full 2 Hour Email Reading


Please email nickyalan333@gmail.com to be added to the list for this email reading.

You will be contacted when you are next. Please be patient as there is a waiting list.

You will then be asked to send payment and relevant photos (of spirit person/you/person you are asking about) and any questions that you have.

A full two hour email reading including:

Soul purpose advice

Soul energy assessment

Any Spirit contact from loved ones

Psychometry/psychic evaluation of photos provided

Full Celtic Cross Tarot Card (past present future) reading answering your questions



The Reading will usually be done within 48 hrs unless Nicky has an health issues with her condition.

By paying for the reading you are of the understanding that it may be delayed if Nicky has a relapse day.

All readings are for entertainment purposes and therefore results cannot be guaranteed.


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