My Soul Journal – Nicky Alan

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Ever since I can remember I have used a Soul Journal. A Soul Journal is a diary used to monitor your spiritual development by recording your meditations, dreams, signs and synchronicities, spirit contact, emotions, spiritual workshops and classes, crowded thoughts, acts of gratitude and spiritual readings.

Not only is it a therapeutic tool to clear your mind and enable more focus, it helps to see how far you’ve come when reading back on your endeavours!
By noting signs such as numbers, feathers and coincidences you will start to identify how the divine connect with you. It can also help to encourage your spirit guides to make a connection as you raise your vibration.

Recording and analysing your dreams and meditations can bring important messages from the Spirit World and the Universe. When writing in your journal you are ‘checking in’ on your own mental health, your emotional wellbeing and spiritual awareness by sitting in your own power, your pen being your higher self voice.

I see my journals as my best friend, counsellor and space to express everything that is either a triumph or a set back in life.
By spending time with yourself you really will find inner peace, balance and wonderment as your intuition unfolds within the pages.

Allow yourself to get lost in the lines, allow yourself to get lost in another world of wonderment and magic!

Nicky x


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