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Learn the Classic Tarot Deck with QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card with my Revolutionary Tarot Reading Deck! I’ll teach you all the Tarot Definitions, in Upright & Psychic Intuitive Victoria will describe the Reverse for you via QR Code Videos. We’ll take you through the whole deck and more! Also enjoy my included Tarot Reading ‘Taster course’, taught by Me, Psychic Intuitive Victoria & Psychic Medium, Paula Mary!

  • Scan the QR Codes on the back of each card with your Smartphone camera and learn all the Tarot Card meanings in a world-first Tarot Learning experience.
  • 2x QR Codes on the back of each Tarot Card allow you to scan for Upright and Reversed card Definitions, instantly via your Smartphone. Described in Videos by acclaimed Psychic Medium Nicky Alan, and Psychic Intuitive Victoria.
  • Experience our included ‘Taster Version’ of our Video on Demand Tarot Course – 10 Hour Tarot, with every QR Tarot deck purchased. World-renowned Psychic Medium Nicky Alan, Psychic Medium Paula Mary, and Psychic Intuitive Victoria will teach you the Tarot via Video on Demand lessons.
  • Also included is the Springfield QR Tarot Pocket Guide Book, with more QR Codes inside, giving you even more detailed Video information on all 78 cards in the deck.
  • Using all the artwork from the Classic 78 Card Tarot Deck, illustrated back in 1910 by Pamela Coleman Smith and used all over the World for decades.
  • Digitally remastered and recoloured artwork, paying a fitting tribute to Pamela Coleman Smiths work, whilst bringing this Classic Tarot deck into the 21st Century.
  • No questions asked Money-Back Guarantee – If you don’t love Springfield QR Tarot & our Video ‘Taster Course’, we’ll refund right away.

3 reviews for *U.K. Only – My QR TAROT CARDS

  1. Mrs N Clements

    I first learnt about Nicky 3 months ago, when I saw her book M.E, Myself and I. I just had to get it because I am so interested in what else is out there (!), I have M.E and fibro, I work in the same industry Nicky used to be in and my name is Nikki (Nichola), ok spelt differently, but very similar!! It did not take long to the read the book, then I was onto the next one! Again, brilliantly written, read in 2 days and I want the next one now! Hurry up Nicky!! Nicky is so genuine and you really feel like you know her, no bs!! So, when these cards were launched I HAD to get them. I’ve only just started and had only recently bought my first deck of tarot cards. These cards though are a game changer! They are so easy to use. I’ve just done the Celtic cross spread and watched the videos via the helpful QR codes printed on the cards. I thought, wouldn’t it be helpful though if it actually told you what the cards meant in the specific positions, and what do you know, if you go to the detailed explanation and scroll down, there it is!!! Brilliant! If you buy these cards you certainly won’t be disappointed! Well done Nicky, love ya!!

  2. maryshelley

    Well, where to start!
    I discovered this wonderful soul lady only a couple of weeks ago and have since been enthralled by her videos (and of course instantly bought her books from Amazon!)
    I happened to tune in last night at the start of her live launch for this superb new set of Tarot cards (coincidence, not a chance!)
    I immediately ordered my deck and one for a friend of mine and thanks to my Prime membership they arrived today.
    They look wonderful and are based on the original Tarot deck but with one huge difference; on the back of each card is a QR code that you scan with your phone and it links to a video of the lovely Nicky Alan explaining the meaning of each card (there is also a separate qr code for the reversed meaning) plus you can hit the search key for additional information.
    I have used Tarot for years but was always fumbling with the little booklet they usually come with which is often hard to read.
    This amazing deck negates the need to even look at the book (although it does come with one with basic individual card meanings) but for the full experience and explanation you need to use the qr code.
    It feels like Nicky is in the room with you, sharing her wisdom.
    Thank you for creating such an innovative new way to learn and interact with Tarot.

  3. Cherry

    Well, these cards are absolutely fantastic! The quality is very good and the concept of them is a brilliant idea! Great size and glossy.
    I already have the course ( which is also very good), and these cards marry so well with it. They are awesome as a stand alone pack too, full of information. So win/win!
    The QR codes are so easy to read just using your camera. QR codes ( upright and reverse) are on the cards and in the imformative booklet that accompanies them.
    As soon as I heard of these cards I ordered them immediately! They are a must have for all those who are furthering themselves in learning tarot.
    Love them so much and this unique way of learning
    Looking forward to working with them more!
    Highly recommend!!!!

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