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Purchase a gift voucher for an Email Tarot/Spirit Reading

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Purchase a voucher for a one hour Psychic Reading/Email Tarot Reading or a Lifestyle Guidance Discussion with Nicky inspired by her intuition, Angels or passed loved one’s. These can be very enlightening and bring you closure and peace of mind.

They also make an excellent and unique gift for a loved one. If this is a gift, a voucher image will be sent to you via email that can be printed off with information on how to book.

This voucher can also be used for an email reading where you will receive a full soul reading highlighting your life purpose as well as answering any questions you may have using Angel Tarot Cards. Here you will also receive a chakra scan, what angels you are aligned to, what crystals will assist your well being, future intuitive advice, any relevant health and diet advice, suggested solutions to any challenging circumstances, clairvoyance and possible spirit contact if the phenomena takes place.

Once payment is made, she will ask for a recent picture of yourself or the person you wish to know about, any questions that you need answered (health/wealth/career/love/life/soul purpose/spirit loved ones) and will work from this image using Psychometry along with the cards.

The emails are worked on for around two hours.

Once purchased Nicky will contact you using the email provided, those on the other side await your connection!


Nicky suffers with a very volatile chronic condition that prevents her from doing psychic readings on the phone a majority of the time. Please email first before purchasing a voucher to confirm if she is fit enough to do the reading.

Email readings are far more easier for her as she can chose when to do them when her energy is running at optimum level as it changes on an hourly basis. Between the two, an email reading is preferable and more guaranteed.


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