Be sure to pop Nicky Alan’s two new books onto your bucket list.

Nicky is the author of several books, more recently “M.E. Myself and I, Diary of a Psychic” and she has just released another No 1 Best Seller on Amazon “The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Known Medium.”

I got to know about Nicky by reading one of the popular spirit magazines and was always fascinated with her column in Spirit and Destiny. Then by chance I saw Nicky was on Instagram and found out about these two EXCITING books. I have recently read them both. What an astonishing read! Sometimes angry, sad (mainly at how Nicky was treated throughout her early stages of having her illness) I was also tearful or laughing out loud, most of all I was amazed at how honest and down to earth she was in her books both of which had me hooked from start to finish! She is so skilled in her art of Mediumship and deserves all the success and more for the future.

I ordered additional books to give as gifts, although Nicky was poorly during this period, it didn’t stop her signing all of them with additional beautiful words (including mine).

Nicky, you refer to everyone else as Angels, although I and my husband Robert (a big fan too) have not met you, we feel you are the biggest and the best ANGEL-MEDIUM out there. I am sending this message in the hope that TONS more people rush out to buy your books.

THANK YOU for sharing your soul stories with me (and the world). I feel I have the knowledge and reassurance to know what happens to family and friends when they pass over, I also have a greater understanding of M.E. and how it affects people.

I am looking forward to your next book (when it is released) “What happens when we die”. I/we cannot wait to read this.

Nicky’s Medium Zoom Nights are Awesome too.

Alice and Robert Hill