Recently I have had a absolute special privilege of reading Nicky Alan’s book M.E. MYSELF AND I : DIARY OF A PSYCHIC !
Not only is this masterpiece a hugely potential bestseller, it is the life of a very special lady laid bare with raw emotion and honesty for all to see. Nothing is held back and her style of writing packs one almighty punch in the solar plexus and heart !
From start to finish I was taken on her incredible journey of happiness, success, positivity and guidance to heartbreaking sadness, illness, depression and loneliness.
One of the many things that really shines is her spirituality ! A very powerful channel for our beautiful spirit realms !
Nicky has given everything of herself in this book. I have laughed and sobbed in equal measures !
A definite page turner and I highly recommend it !
I really hope you enjoy it as much as I have ….. ❤️??