Amanda Shortman (Reviewer) has just reviewed M.E. Myself and I – Diary of a Psychic
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

As a fellow M.E/Fibro sufferer, I was immediately attracted to the title of this book. Most of us who are dealing with a chronic illness of any kind come to learn that finding others going through the same thing is both healing and affirming. Too many of us face the misunderstanding and downright ignorant attitudes of others, and so hearing our thoughts and experiences spoken by another helps us to feel less alone. In this Nicky Alan comes up trumps, as she shares the ups and downs of life with this condition, often with startling honesty. She lays all bare, especially in the excerpts from her soul journals, ensuring that the reader sees just how she felt in the moment, rather than having things softened by hindsight. From what I have discovered over the past few years battling this condition, much of what Nicky writes about will be relatable to others. Whilst the specifics of the traumas that she has lived through are unique to her, the emotional damage and destructive coping strategies that developed are universal to everyone. We all have trauma in our lives, and many people who develop M.E. share common traits such as low self-esteem, people pleasing and perfectionist tendencies, and an inability to put themselves first. Until, that is, their body gives them no choice but to do that. And often it takes us years to stop fighting and learn to surrender to what our bodies are telling us they need, something which Nicky again highlights so well in her journey. What I loved most about the book, however, are the spiritual threads woven throughout it. As I read the book I felt the call to reconnect with the Angels after many, many years of shutting them out. Nicky doesn’t offer a “do this and you will be healed” attitude, as even when things panned out exactly as the Angels and her Guides and spirit family had suggested they might, she still had to face numerous battles. But what she does promise is that if you open up to the possibility of something better then amazing things can and do happen. I managed to read this book in just over a day, which is practically unheard of for me as chronic migraines are my biggest issue and they make reading for long stretches of time impossible. But I just could not put this book down, I wanted to find out how things panned out. And then I went onto YouTube and looked up an Archangel Michael meditation Nicky had recorded, which was a lovely way to begin to open up to them more. If you are struggling with any kind of chronic illness and have even the slightest openness to the spiritual realms, this book is well worth a read.

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