Hi Nicky,

Thank you so much! I am still behind getting course done, but the parts i have done have been fabulous, i have learnt so much already and some things i had completely forgotten how to do so it has really helped to get back to it.

Since starting the course i have felt so much more connected to spirit and my guides and trusting those signs. When i have asked for help it has come to me. I feel i am reconnecting to spirit again and allowing them to come close to help me.

My world of work is transforming and i hope to be accepted for voluntary redundancy in the New Year. This will help me walk away from a job i don’t enjoy and have outgrown now, and on to doing something i want to do. Doing the course has helped me believe in myself again- so thank you for helping me find my spiritual self again.

Keep those bedroom guru videos coming when you are able to, they have been amazing and when i have watched one it gives me such a boost and spurs me on!

I would highly recommend your Prism living course to others, they will gain so much knowledge and teaching, truth and honesty! Please feel free to use all of this as a testimonial!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Love and hugs