Just listened to audio book ” Me, Myself, and I” By Nicky Alan!
     Wow am I so happy I did!  I’ve just got to say that there were so many things I didn’t expect I really didn’t expect to have a story told as if it was one of your best girlfriends telling it to you!.. it was incredibly RELATABLE ,  SO DAMN REAL! Things I didn’t expect: to be educated, LMAO!.. (“tropical wind on my cow face”) had me in stitches!!!, crying, cheering for her !..then regaining hope, and  left with a sense of not only believing in myself again, but with the powers that be. Cannot wait to jump on whatever she puts out next! All I can say if you know ANYONE that may be struggling emotionally,  physically or spirituality you simply cannot go wrong with this book! Thank you so very much Nicky Alan!!