There is only the one story! We have it in the fairy tales and the great myths and legends. We have it all the great novels and literary works. And we have it here in Nicky Alan’s extraordinary book! An extraordinary book by any standards!

And that one story is the story of the rise of the hero within each one of us as we face the challenges and difficulties that we must overcome on our Spiritual path to full Enlightenment.

All the requisites for a best-selling novel are here!  Except this is all real!  All this is actually part of the life journey of Nicky Alan herself! And just one of those horrific and devastating events in her life would be enough to shatter and destroy most of us!  But not Nicky!

Nicky’s book is a true record of how it was and is for her. Speaking from her heart,  Nicky reaches out to each one of us with compassion and love as she openly and honestly shares her most intimate life details: the horrific, demoralising and degrading suffering, the betrayals by those closest to her; the injuries and injustices done to her; the violence perpetrated upon her starting at such a young and tender age; the debilitating pain and immobility; the loneliness and the isolation; the depression; the thoughts of suicide; the attempts to block it all out; the loss of absolutely everything in her life and the constant ongoing onslaught of one disaster after another.

Through such an amazing course of events and synchronicities, Nicky eventually found the secret! The secret of total trust in the universe! The universe knows exactly what is going on, the universe knows exactly what each one of us needs at any point in our life, and the universe delivers for our own highest good.

This book is a refreshing and real story. Horrific, but real. Nicky’s faith in the angels and in a superior guiding force has been tested to the full. Her sufferings have made her the strong, compassionate woman she now is, a shining light, a beacon of hope to the world. A reassuring and comforting voice to us all, as we continue on our Spiritual path. We are never alone. We do not know the whole plan. We just have to trust, follow the signs and take note of the synchronicities Spirit sends us. 

Nicky’s gift for writing is obvious from the very start of the book! This is obviously what she is meant to be doing!  This is her unique contribution to humanity. And this contribution will continue to serve humanity in its darkest hours long after Nicky herself has passed on to the higher vibrational levels of the Spirit worlds. For this book is timeless. Timeless in its strong message of hope to us all. Strong in its message to us all that we can overcome the challenges and difficulties to become the hero of our own story. And Nicky should know! She has had a life-time of challenges and difficulties. Here in this amazing book, her own catharsis, she lays bare her soul, stripped of all ego, as she struggled through so many dark nights of the soul. But we must first come through the darkness before we can come into the light.  And the result? The amazing, compassionate, inspirational, caring and beautiful soul that is Nicky Alan!

You will not be able to put this book down, guaranteed! Because we see a potential Nicky in all of us! Any one of us could have been Nicky Alan. But how would we have coped?

Eileen McCourt, Spiritual author and teacher