Dear Nicky,

We have been impressed by your work since our first experience of your readings in your sanctuary – in Essex. I always knew that you would be successful and wasn’t surprised to see you on Angels:-)
You are the most talented medium ever and have a genuine gift. I’ll never forget the time that my sister (Dee) and I saw gold sparks around you at a workshop in Dartford.
I’ve just watched a few of your bedroom guru videos – the Cosmic Ordering one was so moving. It’s also given me a boost – as we lost our dad on 26th January 2018. The last couple of years have been a major challenge, but nothing on the scale that you’ve experienced.
I completely relate to finding the positives out of bad situations and am so happy that your challenges have proved to bring greater appreciation and joy.
Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve just made several affirmations and strongly believe that they will be a turning point. What you are doing is sooo valuable

Much much appreciated,

Lesley Xx