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Fantastic ,down to earth,inspiring , spiritual teacher

I was looking for answers to lots of things and came across Nicky’s website.
I started to listen to meditation CDs and really enjoyed the relaxing feeling.
I have also completed spiritual development course which answered so many questions for me and helped me on my spiritual journey.Nicky explains things to you in a way that is easy to understand and it amazes me how much knowledge she has , there isn’t anything that she cannot explain to you.
I trust Nicky 100% , and I don’t need to go anywhere else ,as nobody would be able to explain as Nicky does .
I am looking forward to next year’s retreat where i hope to meet Nicky,she is such an inspirational person.
Carol Hatton

Carol Hatton

A True Angel

I first met Nicky 4 years ago at a spiritual Workshop – it was such a wonderful few days and I took away so much and made a friend for life. Nicky is a fabulous teacher who gives 110%. Since that workshop I have also completed Nicky’s online course as I had reached a time on my spiritual journey where I needed to go back to basics, I throughly enjoyed the course and recommend anything Nicky does wholeheartedly. Her meditation cds and her You Tube Series – The Bedroom Guru are fantastic too.

Julia Blake

The Real Deal

I follow Nicky’s posts and her Bedroom Guru Series on Youtube.
I cannot wait to meet her next year.
She is incredibly knowledgeable, inspirational and exceptionally gifted.
She is a joy to listen to and always brightens my day. Thank you Nicky xxx

Lee Moulton

Earth Walkers testimonial

Nicky Alan has a rare and very beautiful gift .

Her writing is spell binding . You are in there with the Earth Walkers your steps being her wonderful words . I was unable to put her writings down , they evoke

beautiful thoughts and the imagination fills no boundaries. It makes you aware of the very very beautiful life and the world we live in really are .

I feel her writings ought to be made mandatory reading is ALL schools .

Beautiful thoughts awake beautiful senses and the mind is filled with love .

Sensitive to the end , very inspirational to all who read EARTH WALKERS .

Keep it up Nicky


Thank you Nicky.

Today i had an Angel reading with Nicky. I could see that Nicky had spent a good deal of time writing out my reading and it was 100% scarily accurate, It was beautifully put together and has helped me to understand a few things that were happening in my life. Nicky is a kind and caring person who i have followed for a number of years and would happily recommend her to anyone plus i love her bedroom guru series on You Tube. She has a huge amount of knowledge which she happily shares with us all. Oh and she makes me laugh!!

Kim Griffin.

Fantastic Reading.

I had an Angel reading with Nicky today. It was 100% scarily ( in a good way!) accurate and it help me understand a few things in my life that i was unsure about. The reading was beautifully put together and Nicky had clearly spent a lot of time doing it. I trust Nicky as a brilliant medium and teacher and i am hooked on her bedroom guru series on You Tube where she happily share’s her knowledge plus she makes me laugh! Love and thanks Nicky xxx Kim Griffin.

Kim Griffin.

Mediumship Evening at Sacred Stars, Paignton

What a fantastic evening ,thank you so much you all worked so hard and Nicky Alan what a star!

Myra Kendall

Angel Tarot reading with Nicky

Just to say thank your for your card reading yesterday. The bit about a man watching over me with silver glasses and his initial was R was spot on as my dads name was Ron and it’s coming up for a year of his death on the 17th October and I still feel the grief.  You were correct about my health too and I also am interested in spirituality and just passed my Reiki 1/2 healing and Aura Chakra healing course so the spiritual bit was right. I need to move on in my life and make a new start and I’m going through a house move so that’s the new start. The cards you read and info you sent was absolutely correct. So thank you once again Nicky.

Elaine Ward

Angel/Tarot Card Reading

Reading for my dog Zach

AMAZING! I know you are awesome from previous phone readings but this is fab, thank you so much.
Thank you again, it made me tear up and smile reading through all that you said ?.
Eleanor Garwood
Eleanor Garwood

Telephone Reading


months ago you told me to tell you when we were moving and to tell you.
You are so amazing and you have confirmation yet again of the gift you have!!! Always correct and always amaze me every time!! Thank you for your guidance and I am also really happy to see you are happy and doing well!!

Lots of love Danielle x



Email angel tarot card reading

Thank you so much, that is absolutely amazing, I am speechless & that doesn’t happen often xx

Ingrid Ellis

Angel Tarot Reading

I have just received my email reading from Nicky Alan Everything mentioned was spot on , and although Nicky has never met me , it was all so clear ,accurate ,and exactly meant for me ,it was as if Nicky was reading my mind .
I will take all on board and enjoy ,…
I was wondering how it would be in an email form , as it must be hard for you to write it all down , and a long process too , as when you speak it flows with the conversation , but you have written it in such a way that it does flow just ,like I was talking to you .
It just flowed
I would definitely recommend
Thanks so much .

Carol Hatton

Telephone Reading

Thank you Nicky for such a fantastic reading, I’m still buzzing about it! You’re wonderful, so so gifted. Feel amazing and super positive! ✨✨

Nicola Gambin

Bedroom Guru – YouTube

Recently I have been following your bedroom guru series.  I must say that I love what you are doing.  You have answered so many questions for me.  Everything now seems to make sense and for that I have to say a big thank you.

Wendy Tighe

Angel tarot card reading

Only just got a chance there to have a quick look!
I just can’t believe it! I’m in tears here! Unbelievably amazing! So much to take in!
Bridget Sandbach

Email card reading

Hi Nicky,

Thanks for the reading (beautifully written and lovely font),
it all makes perfect sense. It has helped me to evaluate a few things.

Take care.

Warm wishes Cheryl x ?

Cheryl Watson

Angel tarot reading

Hi Nicky
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for my reading on Saturday.
The crystals you recommended were spot on for what I need at the moment and have given me such a boost already.

Also binge watching your ‘Bedroom Guru’ . What an inspiration you are ?.
Have a fantastic Christmas
Petra xxx

Petra Griffith

Prism Living Course

Hi Nicky,

Thank you so much! I am still behind getting course done, but the parts i have done have been fabulous, i have learnt so much already and some things i had completely forgotten how to do so it has really helped to get back to it.

Since starting the course i have felt so much more connected to spirit and my guides and trusting those signs. When i have asked for help it has come to me. I feel i am reconnecting to spirit again and allowing them to come close to help me.

My world of work is transforming and i hope to be accepted for voluntary redundancy in the New Year. This will help me walk away from a job i don’t enjoy and have outgrown now, and on to doing something i want to do. Doing the course has helped me believe in myself again- so thank you for helping me find my spiritual self again.

Keep those bedroom guru videos coming when you are able to, they have been amazing and when i have watched one it gives me such a boost and spurs me on!

I would highly recommend your Prism living course to others, they will gain so much knowledge and teaching, truth and honesty! Please feel free to use all of this as a testimonial!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Love and hugs

Linda Ball

Bedroom Guru and Spirit & Destiny

Hi Nicky, I’ve just watched your newest YouTube video about how the angels helped you and I wanted to say how much these video’s mean to me. I check YouTube every day to see if there is a new video from you. I also really enjoy your Diary of a Psychic in Spirit & Destiney. My family are not spiritual so this is a journey I am taking on my own that started about 10 years ago. I am still trying to trust messages that come to me and not worry constantly that I am making it up. Your video’s have really helped me and I am looking forward to reading your book. I wish you all the best and Thank You for sharing, Ange.

Angela Brown

The work that you do

Dear Nicky,

We have been impressed by your work since our first experience of your readings in your sanctuary – in Essex. I always knew that you would be successful and wasn’t surprised to see you on Angels:-)
You are the most talented medium ever and have a genuine gift. I’ll never forget the time that my sister (Dee) and I saw gold sparks around you at a workshop in Dartford.
I’ve just watched a few of your bedroom guru videos – the Cosmic Ordering one was so moving. It’s also given me a boost – as we lost our dad on 26th January 2018. The last couple of years have been a major challenge, but nothing on the scale that you’ve experienced.
I completely relate to finding the positives out of bad situations and am so happy that your challenges have proved to bring greater appreciation and joy.
Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve just made several affirmations and strongly believe that they will be a turning point. What you are doing is sooo valuable

Much much appreciated,

Lesley Xx

Lesley Craen


I have just completed Nicky Alan’s online Prism Living course and have found it to be very insightful and an excellent aid to progressing on my spiritual journey. It is divided into 7 weekly sessions which are easy to follow, very informative and with exercises to do. I found these exercises opened up different ways of looking at things, the association between events and links that I had never been aware of, quite fascinating. I am now so much more aware of spiritual signs and the angelic realm and my intuition, which has always been important, is even more enhanced. Nicky has given me invaluable tools to continue to use, especially in contacting my spirit guides.
I still have a long way to go and hope that in the future Nicky will create a follow on, more advanced course.

Chris Henry

Angel Tarot card reading

Hi Nicky
Thank you so so much, a fantastic reading and I am truly grateful.
I have attached a word doc with my reply, just for your information, I would actually say all areas were so spot on.
Keep well and thank you again
Love & Light

Gill Wade McCarthy

Angel card tarot reading

Thanks so much for your reading Nicky, it has made me feel pretty positive and excited about the future as regards  where my future lies, workwise.  You’ve suggested things that I hadn’t considered and that has certainly given me a lot to think about.   A lot of what you and the cards say has really resonated with me.


I’m feeling a lot more optimistic now about things and will take on board the suggestions you and the angels make in the reading.


Thanks again Nicky, it was a wonderful reading with some very useful suggestions/advice.

Nicola Jelly


Recently I have had a absolute special privilege of reading Nicky Alan’s book M.E. MYSELF AND I : DIARY OF A PSYCHIC !
Not only is this masterpiece a hugely potential bestseller, it is the life of a very special lady laid bare with raw emotion and honesty for all to see. Nothing is held back and her style of writing packs one almighty punch in the solar plexus and heart !
From start to finish I was taken on her incredible journey of happiness, success, positivity and guidance to heartbreaking sadness, illness, depression and loneliness.
One of the many things that really shines is her spirituality ! A very powerful channel for our beautiful spirit realms !
Nicky has given everything of herself in this book. I have laughed and sobbed in equal measures !
A definite page turner and I highly recommend it !
I really hope you enjoy it as much as I have ….. ❤️??

Jo Elliott-Barry

M.E Myself and I book review

An autobiography that will take you on a journey of tears, inspiration and hope.  I could not put this book down, it’s so much more than a diary of Nicky’s life. If you are going through a tough time or a bereavement this book will help you get through the dark days and give you comfort in knowing your loved ones are always by your side.

 I always thought a gifted psychic would have a rosy life with 24 hour communication to those upstairs! Well how wrong was I!

At times I found it shocking to learn what Nicky has gone through. From a tough childhood, bereavement, bankruptcy and a debilitating illness she is still standing, remains positive and has utter faith that this is her journey. This book made me  realise the angels and spirit guides are always by your side, you just have to call them in. 
A corker of a book and one I will pick up again when I am having a tough time! 
Annie Conlon – TV Producer 
Annie Conlon

M.E Myself and I: Diary of a Psychic

‘What a ride! I’ve experienced every emotion possible reading this book. Firstly an immediate identification of suffering with this invisible illness and the honest and no holds barred portrayal of desperation it brings to your door. The grief and relief that somersaults through the journey is described. If you want unbelievable drama sprinkled with miracles, undeniable proof that everything happens for a reason, this is the book for you. That having courage and reason to trust the process with faith and patience will set you free. This will always remind me never to give up, to sit in my own truth and not to be silent.’
Annie Lloyd – Holistic Practitioner
Annie Lloyd

Review – M.E Myself and I: Diary Of a Psychic

Wow! I have just finished reading Nicky ‘s new book. I can honestly say that I just couldn’t put it down. I cried and laughed so much throughout. Love the fact she says it how it is! This was refreshing and real! Her faith was tested to the limit but she still managed to get through it. Such amazing knowledge and so inspiring! And the synchronicity’s were unbelievable! All in all a brilliant read!

Helen Wright

Review of book M.E Myself and I: Diary Of a Psychic


There is only the one story! We have it in the fairy tales and the great myths and legends. We have it all the great novels and literary works. And we have it here in Nicky Alan’s extraordinary book! An extraordinary book by any standards!

And that one story is the story of the rise of the hero within each one of us as we face the challenges and difficulties that we must overcome on our Spiritual path to full Enlightenment.

All the requisites for a best-selling novel are here!  Except this is all real!  All this is actually part of the life journey of Nicky Alan herself! And just one of those horrific and devastating events in her life would be enough to shatter and destroy most of us!  But not Nicky!

Nicky’s book is a true record of how it was and is for her. Speaking from her heart,  Nicky reaches out to each one of us with compassion and love as she openly and honestly shares her most intimate life details: the horrific, demoralising and degrading suffering, the betrayals by those closest to her; the injuries and injustices done to her; the violence perpetrated upon her starting at such a young and tender age; the debilitating pain and immobility; the loneliness and the isolation; the depression; the thoughts of suicide; the attempts to block it all out; the loss of absolutely everything in her life and the constant ongoing onslaught of one disaster after another.

Through such an amazing course of events and synchronicities, Nicky eventually found the secret! The secret of total trust in the universe! The universe knows exactly what is going on, the universe knows exactly what each one of us needs at any point in our life, and the universe delivers for our own highest good.

This book is a refreshing and real story. Horrific, but real. Nicky’s faith in the angels and in a superior guiding force has been tested to the full. Her sufferings have made her the strong, compassionate woman she now is, a shining light, a beacon of hope to the world. A reassuring and comforting voice to us all, as we continue on our Spiritual path. We are never alone. We do not know the whole plan. We just have to trust, follow the signs and take note of the synchronicities Spirit sends us. 

Nicky’s gift for writing is obvious from the very start of the book! This is obviously what she is meant to be doing!  This is her unique contribution to humanity. And this contribution will continue to serve humanity in its darkest hours long after Nicky herself has passed on to the higher vibrational levels of the Spirit worlds. For this book is timeless. Timeless in its strong message of hope to us all. Strong in its message to us all that we can overcome the challenges and difficulties to become the hero of our own story. And Nicky should know! She has had a life-time of challenges and difficulties. Here in this amazing book, her own catharsis, she lays bare her soul, stripped of all ego, as she struggled through so many dark nights of the soul. But we must first come through the darkness before we can come into the light.  And the result? The amazing, compassionate, inspirational, caring and beautiful soul that is Nicky Alan!

You will not be able to put this book down, guaranteed! Because we see a potential Nicky in all of us! Any one of us could have been Nicky Alan. But how would we have coped?

Eileen McCourt, Spiritual author and teacher


Eileen Mc Court

Bedroom Guru card readings

I wanted to let you know that the card reading you gave on the 8th was SO accurate for me! I would’ve posted this in the comments below the video, but the connections for me are a bit too personal to put out publicly, so I wanted praise the accuracy of your card reading here instead. I also want to add that whilst watching your video I checked my phone and the time was 23:23 which really topped it off with the synchronicity!


Spirit and Destiny Magazine – Diary of a Psychic

‘I love reading your page each month in ‘Spirit + Destiny magazine’ this is one of the main reason I have renewed my subscription for next year.’

Nicola Seaman

Youtbe – Bedroom Guru Card Readings

Wow that was an amazing reading Nicky. Resonates well with me and I am a Virgo too! Loved it that Angel Michael came in as I pray to him each night and so many prayers have been answered. I have a decision to make about a relationship so know I will be guided by him. Hope you have a wonderful birthday xxxxxxx

Jasmine Jones


I can’t Thank You Enough ???for your encouragement and your fantastic course ✨✨✨✨✨????? your  Amazing xxxxxxxxxxx


You’ve helped make sense of these little shoves that keep

Occurring .


Caroline Read

Netgalley review – M.E Myself and I:Diary of a Psychic

Amanda Shortman (Reviewer) has just reviewed M.E. Myself and I – Diary of a Psychic
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

As a fellow M.E/Fibro sufferer, I was immediately attracted to the title of this book. Most of us who are dealing with a chronic illness of any kind come to learn that finding others going through the same thing is both healing and affirming. Too many of us face the misunderstanding and downright ignorant attitudes of others, and so hearing our thoughts and experiences spoken by another helps us to feel less alone. In this Nicky Alan comes up trumps, as she shares the ups and downs of life with this condition, often with startling honesty. She lays all bare, especially in the excerpts from her soul journals, ensuring that the reader sees just how she felt in the moment, rather than having things softened by hindsight. From what I have discovered over the past few years battling this condition, much of what Nicky writes about will be relatable to others. Whilst the specifics of the traumas that she has lived through are unique to her, the emotional damage and destructive coping strategies that developed are universal to everyone. We all have trauma in our lives, and many people who develop M.E. share common traits such as low self-esteem, people pleasing and perfectionist tendencies, and an inability to put themselves first. Until, that is, their body gives them no choice but to do that. And often it takes us years to stop fighting and learn to surrender to what our bodies are telling us they need, something which Nicky again highlights so well in her journey. What I loved most about the book, however, are the spiritual threads woven throughout it. As I read the book I felt the call to reconnect with the Angels after many, many years of shutting them out. Nicky doesn’t offer a “do this and you will be healed” attitude, as even when things panned out exactly as the Angels and her Guides and spirit family had suggested they might, she still had to face numerous battles. But what she does promise is that if you open up to the possibility of something better then amazing things can and do happen. I managed to read this book in just over a day, which is practically unheard of for me as chronic migraines are my biggest issue and they make reading for long stretches of time impossible. But I just could not put this book down, I wanted to find out how things panned out. And then I went onto YouTube and looked up an Archangel Michael meditation Nicky had recorded, which was a lovely way to begin to open up to them more. If you are struggling with any kind of chronic illness and have even the slightest openness to the spiritual realms, this book is well worth a read.

Amanda Shortman


“Nicky’s Prism Living course is a wonderful introduction to everything spiritual and full of amazing facts, hints and insights. She tells it how it is from the heart and in a straightforward, easy to read manner. I miss my weekly instalments

but now have everything I need. Enjoy!”

Debbie Lowin

Prism Living Course

Thank you so so much for opening the door and sharing your knowledge, love and light with us (and me through this course). I feel I have tools in my locker now to be able to see the truth of who we are and why we’re here.

Linda Robertson


Prism Living Course

I have thoroughly enjoyed the prism living course. The content was perfect for me and in easily understood bite sized chunks. I found the sign posts to books and internet sights really useful opening up another windows of opportunities. I have printed everything off and made a lovely file of information that I can dip in and out of whenever I want a boost or some support.

Tracey Walker

Purchased Me, Myself and I (audiobook)

Just listened to audio book ” Me, Myself, and I” By Nicky Alan!
     Wow am I so happy I did!  I’ve just got to say that there were so many things I didn’t expect I really didn’t expect to have a story told as if it was one of your best girlfriends telling it to you!.. it was incredibly RELATABLE ,  SO DAMN REAL! Things I didn’t expect: to be educated, LMAO!.. (“tropical wind on my cow face”) had me in stitches!!!, crying, cheering for her !..then regaining hope, and  left with a sense of not only believing in myself again, but with the powers that be. Cannot wait to jump on whatever she puts out next! All I can say if you know ANYONE that may be struggling emotionally,  physically or spirituality you simply cannot go wrong with this book! Thank you so very much Nicky Alan!!

Natalie Bradshaw


Nicky Alan is Amazing

I first met Nicky on Tik Tok after my tv kept turning itself on and off i looked at my phone and Tik Tok was on i looked through and found Nicky wow , I had an amazing email reading and found out her dad was also turning the Tv off ( just like mine was doing ) the I did the online course Prism -Online Learning Course wow Nicky sent it to me weekly for seven weeks. Changed my life amazing information easy to understand very down to earth (lol) the books Nicky tells you to read if you wish. And a plus Nicky as wrote her own book M.E Myself and I which itself is a uplifting , positive book . I am so happy to have found you and you have helped me be me xxxxx
Thank You Nicky

Jacqueline Rolph

Amazing! M.E Myself and I: Diary of a Psychic

I just wanted to say wow what an amazing human being you really are. I know you have the guide of the angel and spirit realms but your fight and determination to not give up has been truly inspirational. Through every page I have laughed with you, cried with you and every emotion in between.
Thank you for being so completely honest.
What an amazing writer you are.

Michaela Newton

Prism Living Course

Thank you so much for this lovely 7 week course.

It’s made me very aware of what’s around me and to just ask or speak to the Angels and they do deliver.

It’s nice and comforting and I do feel them around me.

Laura Taylor

NICKY’S NEW BOOK The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Medium

Omg love love love your book, I can’t put it down, iv sent friends a message to buy it and iv put it on fb, your are so good, my husband and I are reading it together, as you know I’m a great believer and a healer myself, husband was on the fence but is so interested in it all.
Thank you for sharing your stories. X

Sue Stock

The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Psychic Medium

I couldn’t wait to read this book, this book is 100% brilliant, I was crying laughing the first few chapters, it’s real life, fresh, comforting to know our love ones are always around us and giving us signs all the time ❤️
Nicky writes the way she speaks, so down to earth, and one of us!

The book has a lovely shiny cover, and the print is a nice size to read, especially with my eyesight.

I found the Nicky very honest about her celebrity life, and she was very open about her fall off the celebrity wagon, which alot of celebrities don’t talk about.
I found Nicky open and honest.
I would highly recommend anyone to read this book, I need to buy all her other books now!

I will be definitely looking out now for signs of my loved ones who passed away in spirit world.

Best book, I have read in ages!!
Thanks Nicky ❤️

Arlene Paul

A fabulous Author

Be sure to pop Nicky Alan’s two new books onto your bucket list.

Nicky is the author of “M.E Myself and I, Diary of a Psychic” and just released, No1 Best Seller on Amazon “The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Known Medium.”

I got to know about Nicky by reading one of the popular spirit magazines and was always fascinated with Nicky and her column. Then by chance I had seen that Nicky was on Instagram and it was there I found out about these two EXCITING books.

I have recently read them both, What an astonishing read! I was at times angry, tearful, laughing out loud, however most of all, I was amazed at how honest and down to earth she was in her books. Both books had me hooked from start to finish! I have no doubts Nicky is the real deal, she is absolutely so skilled in her art of Mediumship and deserves all the success and more for the future. THANK YOU Nicky for sharing your soul stories with me (and the World).

I feel I have the knowledge and reassurance to know what happens to family and friends when they pass over. Which brings me onto your next book (when it is released) “What happens when we die” I/we cannot wait to read this.

I ordered additional books as presents and, although Nicky was poorly during this period, it didn’t stop her from signing all of them with beautiful words (including mine); we were all delighted.

Nicky, you refer to everyone else in your chit chats, as Angels, Robert and I have never met you (my husband is a big fan too), we feel you are the biggest and the Best ANGEL.MEDIUM out there. We are sending this message in the hope that TONS more people rush out to buy your books.

Alongside the books, Nicky’s Medium Zoom Nights are Awesome too.

Alice and Robert Hill

Alice Hill

A Remarkable Author

Be sure to pop Nicky Alan’s two new books onto your bucket list.

Nicky is the author of several books, more recently “M.E. Myself and I, Diary of a Psychic” and she has just released another No 1 Best Seller on Amazon “The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Known Medium.”

I got to know about Nicky by reading one of the popular spirit magazines and was always fascinated with her column in Spirit and Destiny. Then by chance I saw Nicky was on Instagram and found out about these two EXCITING books. I have recently read them both. What an astonishing read! Sometimes angry, sad (mainly at how Nicky was treated throughout her early stages of having her illness) I was also tearful or laughing out loud, most of all I was amazed at how honest and down to earth she was in her books both of which had me hooked from start to finish! She is so skilled in her art of Mediumship and deserves all the success and more for the future.

I ordered additional books to give as gifts, although Nicky was poorly during this period, it didn’t stop her signing all of them with additional beautiful words (including mine).

Nicky, you refer to everyone else as Angels, although I and my husband Robert (a big fan too) have not met you, we feel you are the biggest and the best ANGEL-MEDIUM out there. I am sending this message in the hope that TONS more people rush out to buy your books.

THANK YOU for sharing your soul stories with me (and the world). I feel I have the knowledge and reassurance to know what happens to family and friends when they pass over, I also have a greater understanding of M.E. and how it affects people.

I am looking forward to your next book (when it is released) “What happens when we die”. I/we cannot wait to read this.

Nicky’s Medium Zoom Nights are Awesome too.

Alice and Robert Hill

Alice and Robert Hill

The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Best Psychic Medium

“I am transformed by reading this beautiful book.  Nicky’s account of her many mysterious and miraculous experiences with the subtle realms, and the multitude of ways that she connects deeply into the hearts of people, both alive and across the veil, transforms everyone who has the opportunity to be in her presence.  I could literally feel the energies that she has written about!  She is hilarious, extremely humble, deeply touching and powerfully honest.  In a world where so many souls have veered away from this “knowing” that she exemplifies, from the power of honesty and humility, she is a breath of fresh air.  Thank you Nicky, for sharing yourself so intimately with all of us. I highly recommend that everyone buy and read the book and watch as many of Nicky’s videos as possible.”

Rebecca Ellens

Rebecca Ellens – United States
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