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Fantastic ,down to earth,inspiring , spiritual teacher

I was looking for answers to lots of things and came across Nicky’s website.
I started to listen to meditation CDs and really enjoyed the relaxing feeling.
I have also completed spiritual development course which answered so many questions for me and helped me on my spiritual journey.Nicky explains things to you in a way that is easy to understand and it amazes me how much knowledge she has , there isn’t anything that she cannot explain to you.
I trust Nicky 100% , and I don’t need to go anywhere else ,as nobody would be able to explain as Nicky does .
I am looking forward to next year’s retreat where i hope to meet Nicky,she is such an inspirational person.
Carol Hatton

Carol Hatton

A True Angel

I first met Nicky 4 years ago at a spiritual Workshop – it was such a wonderful few days and I took away so much and made a friend for life. Nicky is a fabulous teacher who gives 110%. Since that workshop I have also completed Nicky’s online course as I had reached a time on my spiritual journey where I needed to go back to basics, I throughly enjoyed the course and recommend anything Nicky does wholeheartedly. Her meditation cds and her You Tube Series – The Bedroom Guru are fantastic too.

Julia Blake

The Real Deal

I follow Nicky’s posts and her Bedroom Guru Series on Youtube.
I cannot wait to meet her next year.
She is incredibly knowledgeable, inspirational and exceptionally gifted.
She is a joy to listen to and always brightens my day. Thank you Nicky xxx

Lee Moulton

Earth Walkers testimonial

Nicky Alan has a rare and very beautiful gift .

Her writing is spell binding . You are in there with the Earth Walkers your steps being her wonderful words . I was unable to put her writings down , they evoke

beautiful thoughts and the imagination fills no boundaries. It makes you aware of the very very beautiful life and the world we live in really are .

I feel her writings ought to be made mandatory reading is ALL schools .

Beautiful thoughts awake beautiful senses and the mind is filled with love .

Sensitive to the end , very inspirational to all who read EARTH WALKERS .

Keep it up Nicky


Thank you Nicky.

Today i had an Angel reading with Nicky. I could see that Nicky had spent a good deal of time writing out my reading and it was 100% scarily accurate, It was beautifully put together and has helped me to understand a few things that were happening in my life. Nicky is a kind and caring person who i have followed for a number of years and would happily recommend her to anyone plus i love her bedroom guru series on You Tube. She has a huge amount of knowledge which she happily shares with us all. Oh and she makes me laugh!!

Kim Griffin.

Fantastic Reading.

I had an Angel reading with Nicky today. It was 100% scarily ( in a good way!) accurate and it help me understand a few things in my life that i was unsure about. The reading was beautifully put together and Nicky had clearly spent a lot of time doing it. I trust Nicky as a brilliant medium and teacher and i am hooked on her bedroom guru series on You Tube where she happily share’s her knowledge plus she makes me laugh! Love and thanks Nicky xxx Kim Griffin.

Kim Griffin.

Mediumship Evening at Sacred Stars, Paignton

What a fantastic evening ,thank you so much you all worked so hard and Nicky Alan what a star!

Myra Kendall

Angel Tarot reading with Nicky

Just to say thank your for your card reading yesterday. The bit about a man watching over me with silver glasses and his initial was R was spot on as my dads name was Ron and it’s coming up for a year of his death on the 17th October and I still feel the grief.  You were correct about my health too and I also am interested in spirituality and just passed my Reiki 1/2 healing and Aura Chakra healing course so the spiritual bit was right. I need to move on in my life and make a new start and I’m going through a house move so that’s the new start. The cards you read and info you sent was absolutely correct. So thank you once again Nicky.

Elaine Ward

Angel/Tarot Card Reading

Reading for my dog Zach

AMAZING! I know you are awesome from previous phone readings but this is fab, thank you so much.
Thank you again, it made me tear up and smile reading through all that you said 😍.
Eleanor Garwood
Eleanor Garwood

Telephone Reading


months ago you told me to tell you when we were moving and to tell you.
You are so amazing and you have confirmation yet again of the gift you have!!! Always correct and always amaze me every time!! Thank you for your guidance and I am also really happy to see you are happy and doing well!!

Lots of love Danielle x



Email angel tarot card reading

Thank you so much, that is absolutely amazing, I am speechless & that doesn’t happen often xx

Ingrid Ellis

Angel Tarot Reading

I have just received my email reading from Nicky Alan Everything mentioned was spot on , and although Nicky has never met me , it was all so clear ,accurate ,and exactly meant for me ,it was as if Nicky was reading my mind .
I will take all on board and enjoy ,…
I was wondering how it would be in an email form , as it must be hard for you to write it all down , and a long process too , as when you speak it flows with the conversation , but you have written it in such a way that it does flow just ,like I was talking to you .
It just flowed
I would definitely recommend
Thanks so much .

Carol Hatton

Telephone Reading

Thank you Nicky for such a fantastic reading, I’m still buzzing about it! You’re wonderful, so so gifted. Feel amazing and super positive! ✨✨

Nicola Gambin

Bedroom Guru – YouTube

Recently I have been following your bedroom guru series.  I must say that I love what you are doing.  You have answered so many questions for me.  Everything now seems to make sense and for that I have to say a big thank you.

Wendy Tighe

Angel tarot card reading

Only just got a chance there to have a quick look!
I just can’t believe it! I’m in tears here! Unbelievably amazing! So much to take in!
Bridget Sandbach

Email card reading

Hi Nicky,

Thanks for the reading (beautifully written and lovely font),
it all makes perfect sense. It has helped me to evaluate a few things.

Take care.

Warm wishes Cheryl x 💜

Cheryl Watson


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