Contemporary Spiritual art with a fundamental message

TJ is a Devonshire artist who has been creating what he calls ‘Doodles’ inspired by nature and ancient stone structures for many years.

Inherently his ‘doodles’ are not only superb reflections of natural structures but they also carry a fundamental spiritual message within the imagery.

They are unique pieces of art, that carry messages of ‘grounding’ ‘balance’ and ‘new beginnings’ to name but a few.

The works exude a spiritual message to the viewer as well as a pleasing vista for the eye.

Look out for his snail! Reminding us to take life slowly and appreciate the essence of temperance!

This esoteric art is a fabulous treat for yourself or a loving gift with spiritual intent for your loved ones!

  • Original works (Signed by Artist) are priced at £18.00 (incl p &p) (buy online from site)
  • Prints are priced at £9.00 (incl p&p) (contact via email)

Multi orders come with healthy discounts. (email for details)

For further information or to order please email:

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All artwork is created on an A5 heavy weight ivory grain moven card.

Treat yourself and have a spiritual reminder glancing up at you from your wall! Or send the art to someone who could do with a spiritual lift!


The need for Balance, harmony and justice in our lives is ever present. Influenced by Archangel Raguel, this work encourages us to invoke Raguel (Archangel of justice, balance, karma and harmony) and to remind ourselves to keep everything in our lives on an even keel.

Raguel can also help with justice (legal/moral) for us and others.


Inspired by the wands suit in Tarot.

This work represents fresh starts, new beginnings and making change. Archangel Michael is the influencing angel over this imagery, acting as the protector and your warrior.

He also gives you strength to make change in your life with courage and focus.

The imagery helps us to cut the binds from out past that no longer serve us.

Happy 40th

Treat your loved one to this unique print for their fortieth!

£9.99 (incl p & p)

A5 textured ivory card

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