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Upcoming Events

  1. Eve of Mediumship – Torquay

    March 3 @ 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Live Radio Interview - Las Vegas - KCOR radio

Sunday, 28 October 2018 from 22:00-23:00 UTC

I am pleased to announce I shall be a guest of David Cook's Ghostly Hour on Las Vegas's KCOR digital radio show!
I shall be talking of all things paranormal and of course the Angel Realms
You can find details on how to listen by hitting the below link:

Hope you all tune in for a listen!


Join the event:


Residential Spiritual Retreat

11 April 2019 at 13:00 – 14 April 2019 at 16:00

for more on event click here

Please email your intention to reserve a space as some have been taken already since advertising on Facebook.

I cannot wait to see you all in this fantastic environment learning amongst like minded people and most of all having the best fun!


Or visit website

or visit Sacred Stars Teaching Group on Facebook


I am so very pleased to announce a very special spiritual retreat that will be full of like minded people sharing the magic of spiritual learning.

This will be my first venture back to tutoring and demonstrating with a top team of the best Light Workers and mediums in the country,

Amongst the other tutors are:

  • and more TBA

Staying at this stunning location we will be enjoying workshops such as:

  • and much more still being planned.

The long weekend includes all workshops and activities, food and accommodation at the great price of £350.

Some extra costs will be involved for certain workshops where extra materials are supplied.

To receive an application form where you can confirm a place with a £100 deposit, please email the above address at Sacred Stars.

Look forward to seeing you all there and spending the weekend with you!

I will be doing an Evening of Mediumship on the Saturday night and here is some info on what I will be teaching xx So look forward to seeing you there!!

We may be the best at trying to be spiritual but how do we use the Archangels help with challenges that are brought before us on our human experience? The lows, the highs, the hurts and the losses can take us off of a positive living experience rendering us stuck, vulnerable and lost.
Inspired by my online PRISM LIVING spiritual living course, we will work with Archangels Chamuel, Jophiel, Azrael and Michael. You will learn how to invoke and sit in the energy of these angels. You will be shown how to work their powerful force into your every day waking life. Whatever life throws at you, the tools gained in this session will help you to deal with any situation, any person and any obstacle that would ordinarily halt you on your path. You will be able to let go of what holds you back, discover self love, what still affects you from your past and realise a new way forward in embracing change and any trauma that befalls you.
Please wear comfortable clothing as we will be doing some of the session lying down.

I have spent all of my life being shown Heaven, the Angel Realms and the Chambers that reside within the Crystal Palace. It is now time for me to share and bring other souls up to experience the amazing journey to Heaven!
For the first time, I will be taking you up to the Ultimate Source of the Universe!

I will guide you to the CRYSTAL PALACE where you will bathe in the CHERUBIM POOL OF DIVINE TRUTH to understand your soul mission and life path. You will visit the CELESTIAL GARDENS where the Seraphim will greet you and bathe you in the POOL OF ETERNAL LIFE healing any blockages in your Kundalini Line. You will be taken to the HALLS OF LEARNING where you will meet Ascended Masters or Guides that will bring you messages to help your human experience. You will visit the REALITY LAYER/HEAVEN where you will have the chance to blend with your loved ones who have passed to Spirit. I will take you to the GRAND CHAMBERS OF THE ARCHANGELS where you will blend with the Archangel who wishes to preside over your soul and help you.

This can be a very emotional session. Your soul will be residing in The Crystal Palace for the whole session. You can finally be amongst all of the Celestial layers as a visitor!

This session is mainly in a deep trance like state lying down for the majority of the session. It is recommended that you have some experience of timely meditations and an easy ability to visualise. Please wear comfortable clothing for this session.
Please have a soul journal or note book to record your experiences after the session.
Nicky xxxx