Acclaimed psychic medium, Nicky Alan is riding high on her spiritual quest to bring messages from the spirit world to the masses. In a very short space of time, Nicky has excelled in proving herself as one of the world’s most truly remarkable mediums of her time. Carrying out international sell out evenings demonstrating her mediumship, is just the tip of the iceberg. Nicky writes in many National magazines, carries out paranormal investigations, teaches in her popular workshops and is relentless in bringing the spirit world so close to us that you can almost touch it.  Her first book, Heaven Calling is due out shortly.

Having reached global status, Nicky is now the star of the Sky TV show “ANGELS” where her ability can be demonstrated for all to see. Nicky is indeed the one to watch in the world of modern day mediumship. Come and witness for yourself her unique gift, enjoy the smiles, embrace the emotion and allow yourself to be held in awe of Nicky’s comforting words and thought provoking evidence from passed loved ones who truly prove there is simply no death…

By keeping it real, this young, passionate icon of the spiritual movement is helping to pave the way in proving globally that life is indeed eternal.

‘There are only two words you need to look out for if you seek the ultimate best in modern day mediumship.’  Nicky. Alan.

“Nicky Alan is the new Doris Stokes” Colin Fry



Nicky’s Events support the following charities this year:

ME Research and the The Lupton Trust