Nicky lives in Somerset but was born in Essex in 1970. Nicky was the grand daughter of a seventh son of a seventh son paternal side from the East end of London. Psychics,mediums and healers go back many generations before her. Throughout her childhood she was surrounded by spirit people, had premonitions, psychic dreams, heard mysterious voices and received regular visitations.

She thought this was the norm and that everybody could do what she did. Due to her career as a Police Detective, her mediumship sadly took a back seat, but always bubbled away in the background consisting of doing readings for people during the evenings from the age of 21.



She had no idea about Spiritualist Churches and Development Circles.  However on a fateful summer evening three weeks after she had been medically retired in 2003, her whole world was turned around. The spirit world had big plans for her. For no reason whatsoever she decided to attend an evening of clairvoyance at a local hall in Rayleigh. Nicky had never been to one of these nights but felt she had to go. During the demonstration by the mediums, she saw three men reflected in a large window. She looked to see where they were standing in the hall and realised they didn’t exist. One of the men then waved at her and then told her their names and how they had passed.

The three spirit people turned out to be relatives of the medium on stage, Nicky was then invited by that medium to join a development circle, two years after this, due to public demand, Nicky had no choice but to become a full time professional working medium.

It was not long before Nicky was spotted and approached by Television stations. This resulted in many media appearances including two series of “Angels” with Gloria Hunniford on Sky TV, Street Seer, Live from Studio Five, Come dine with me and a short documentary for Sky Real Lives Nicky has had a successful working relationship with the media, featuring not only on television but on many international radio stations and national magazines including Spirit & Destiny, Prediction, Eternal Spirit, Psychic News, Chat it’s Fate, Fate & Fortune, Chat Magazine, Two Worlds, Psychic Vision and Paranormal Magazine.

 She is currently working on a new book series that has been channelled from the spirit world, EARTH WALKERS which will be out soon!

She also has a column as THE PSYCHIC DETECTIVE in Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune magazine investigating unsolved mysteries.

Nicky is available for  telephone readings.   Everything is currently sold out but any new slots will be advertised on twitter and on her facebook page.  
Look out for Nicky’s new fantasy fiction book series, THE EARTH WALKERS! 
Guest Medium on Channel 4’s Come Dine with me program first aired in 2010 Magazines that Nicky has featured in

  • Take a Break
  • Fate and Fortune
  • Kindred Spirit
  • Spirit and Destiny
  • Chat its Fate
  • Prediction
  • Chat Magazine
  • Psychic News
  • Paranormal
  • Eternal Spirit


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