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Nicky Alan

Psychic Medium & Best Selling Author

' Keeping It Real'

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Hello Darlings and Welcome to my Website x

I am so happy you have arrived in my bubble of positivity and light!

Here you will find out all about me as a Psychic Medium, Bestselling Author, Paranormal Writer, Podcaster, YouTube Creator, Angel Communicator and Spiritual Tutor.

My aim for the last thirty odd years has been to bring knowledge of the afterlife as well as to wake people up to a spiritual way of being.

I am relentless in wanting to reach out to millions through my social media, books, courses and meditations to lend a hand during our tough human life experiences. I have been through the Dark Night of the Soul and have come out the other side shining like a new penny and now want to help you reach the rainbow after the storm.

You are welcome to have a browse through my shop and enjoy my meditations, audio and signed books, tarot course or spiritual development classes amongst other things.

By subscribing to my newsletter, you have advanced access to my online Evenings of Mediumships, special offers, news and free giveaways.

You could also treat yourself to the amazing 5th Dimension Mystic Collection consisting of the best quality crystals and spiritual giftware out there.

What ever floats your spiritual boat I have it all here and on my social media sites where you can enjoy my content including joining my exclusive PRISM membership on my YouTube channel.

It just leaves me to say if you are lost, in the dark or just need someone to pave the way stay with me and join my ever-growing beautiful tribe.

We can only see the light if we have experienced the dark and from there, we shine it wherever it is needed.

' Keeping It Real'
Love Nicky

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