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The Rise and Fall of Britains Best Psychic

This is the compelling story of a retired Police Detective who embarks on a journey to becoming a Psychic Medium of international renown, working with celebrities and appearing in major TV productions. Nicky gives her unique no-holds-barred view of what it is like to work for the Spirit World and includes the most heart rending and hilarious anecdotes of spirit contact as she makes her way into full-time Mediumship.

Miracles, gob-smacking messages and unequivocal contact from the dead makes this collection of spiritual stories an absolute must read for the believer, the open-minded sceptic or anyone curious about how the dead contact the living.
Nicky’s incredible ability soon propels her to fame and public acclaim, to be regarded as one of the best Mediums of her time. However, achieving celebrity status in her own right did not come without a cost, and a catastrophic event takes place that sends this shining star crashing to the ground, changing her destiny in the most unbelievable way.

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Nicky’s Amazing Memoir Available to Buy!

Nicky’s debut book M.E Myself and I: Diary of a Psychic is now available to buy at Amazon and Barnes and Noble (Both Kindle and paperback).

You can also request a signed copy with a personalised message for yourself or as a gift by contacting Nicky on the contact page. (£14.99 UK only)

It is a brutally honest memoir on how angels and the spirit world helped Nicky survive and thrive from a world that came crashing around her following a life altering road accident.

Nicky will be advertising online events on this page as well as Facebook and on her YouTube channel, to book any events, go to the events page.(see link below)

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This is a brutally honest story of a woman struck down with M.E and Fibromyalgia in the prime of her life as a successful TV psychic medium.

Left with nothing but two dustbin bags, demons from the past and her two dogs, she embarks on an incredible journey.

Grieving her old life and begrudgingly accepting guidance from angels and spirit guides after losing her faith, she finds a reason to live from the brink of suicide by experiencing celestial miracles and a passion to write.

This inspirational self-help spiritual memoir highlights a chronic illness pandemic sweeping through the world that society has shamefully neglected. Her esoteric voice representing the ‘millions missing’ brings hope, faith and a definitive strength of the human spirit during the injustice of one life altering episode after another.

'Speaking from her heart, Nicky reaches out to each one of us with compassion and love as she openly and honestly shares her most intimate life details through such an amazing course of events. This book is a refreshing and real story. Horrific, but real. Her sufferings have made her the strong, compassionate woman she now is, a shining light, a beacon of hope to the world. This is her unique contribution to humanity, timeless in its strong message of hope to us all. You will not be able to put this book down, guaranteed!' -- Eileen McCourt, Spiritual Author --


M.E. Myself and I - Diary of a Psychic


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Introduction to TBG

The Bedroom Guru

Nicky's broadcast series - live from her bedroom

Nicky responds to your questions, gives enlightenment and encouraging talks as she recovers from her illness, click below to visit her youtube page and see more

in this video – Nicky lists the main attributes today on how you can identify if you are psychically aware rather than think you are going mad! Strangers open up to you for no reason, you have an itch you can’t scratch and feel that you never fit in. Recognise this in yourself? Watch this handy guide to help you identify how psychically aware you really are.

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