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All guided meditations shared by Nicky Alan on this site are for entertainment purposes only and therefore results cannot be guaranteed. Meditation is generally considered a safe activity. However, some levels of meditation can require a willingness to use your powers of concentration in order to engage in self-study and examination.

You may also enter into an altered state of mind. If you feel you might be uncomfortable engaging in this kind of self-examination, then Nicky Alan asks that you do not proceed. If you have a history of mental illness, then please consult with your health care provider before meditating. This is not to say that meditation will be harmful to you, but it’s better to be on the safe side.


Please be aware that Nicky Alan makes no claim to be any kind of psychologist, therapist, counsellor or medical professional. Anything Nicky Alan says or writes should be understood as her own opinion and not an expression of professional advice or prescription. You are entirely responsible for how you choose to understand, misunderstand, use or misuse any of her writings or communications.


She can accept no responsibility for any adverse effects, direct or indirectly, that may result from your use of this guided meditation. Furthermore, she makes no guarantees that any of the information or practices on this site and guided meditations will function in any particular way for you.

By viewing this channel and participating in the guided meditations, you agree that you use the information contained herein entirely at your own discretion.

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