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Prism Living - Spiritual Development E-Mail Course

Prism Living - Spiritual Development E-Mail Course


Prism Living is a seven week course where you will be sent weekly sessions via email on how to live a more spiritual and fulfilled life.

We sometimes get lost in the dramas and traumas that our lives create. I help you find your path, embrace the present and look forward to the future. Psychic exercises, spiritual development, shadow work and angels are just part of this magnificent learning programme.


  • ONE – POSITIVE EMOTION – living a more contented life with self examination exercises, helping you to let go of trauma and embrace positivity
  • TWO – PHYSICAL TOOLS – holistic and spiritual tools to boost your inner strength and daily life!
  • THREE – THE JOURNEY OF THE SOUL – Discover your past lives, soul purpose in this incarnation and explore the layers of Heaven
  • FOUR – MEDITATION, SYNCHRONICITY AND SYMBOLOGY – How to understand signs from the spirit world and to unite with your spirit guide
  • FIVE – SPIRIT CONNECTION – simple exercises to become closer to your spirit loved ones and the Universal energy
  • SIX – THE ANGEL REALMS – Understanding Archangels and how to incorporate angels into your daily life
  • SEVEN – MOVING FORWARD WITH YOUR INTUITION – mindfulness and basic psychic exercises to help enhance your intuition.

You will be able to face the world as a wiser, stronger you!

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