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Visiting Your Loved Ones In Heaven Meditation

Visiting Your Loved Ones In Heaven Meditation


In this beautiful meditation, Nicky takes you to the Crystal Place, the home of the angels and your loved ones. You are met by Archangel Metatron at the magnificent entrance. From then on you are taken through the Celestial Gardens where you have an interaction with the healing Seraphim as well as Archangel Jeremiel on the way to the Reality Layer where your loved ones reside.


This is a very popular meditation and has had the most breath-taking results in classes and seminars!


Please do not do this meditation if you are in the early stages of grief. Make sure that you have accepted the passing of your loved one and have reached a healthy stage of grieving as this Meditation will more than likely connect you with people that have passed over.


Best listened through headphones. Please do not drive whilst listening to this meditation.

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