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Prism Living is a seven week course where you will be sent weekly sessions via email on how to live a more spiritual and fulfilled life. It will help in your psychic development as well as help you live a far more mindful and balanced life.


Prism Living is a seven week course where you will be sent weekly sessions via email on how to live a more spiritual and fulfilled life.
We sometimes get lost in the dramas and traumas that our lives create. I help you find your path, embrace the present and look forward to the future.

  • ONE – POSITIVE EMOTION – living a more contented life with self examination exercises, helping you to let go of trauma and embrace positivity
  • TWO – PHYSICAL TOOLS – holistic and spiritual tools to boost your inner strength and daily life!
  • THREE – THE JOURNEY OF THE SOUL – Discover your past lives, soul purpose in this incarnation and explore the layers of Heaven
  • FOUR – MEDITATION, SYNCHRONICITY AND SYMBOLOGY – How to understand signs from the spirit world and to unite with your spirit guide
  • FIVE – SPIRIT CONNECTION – simple exercises to become closer to your spirit loved ones and the Universal energy
  • SIX – THE ANGEL REALMS – Understanding Archangels and how to incorporate angels into your daily life
  • SEVEN – MOVING FORWARD WITH YOUR INTUITION – mindfulness and basic psychic exercises to help enhance your intuition.

You will be able to face the world as a wiser, stronger you!

4 reviews for Prism Email Learning course

  1. Nicky Alan

    I can definitely recommend, really enjoyed , and I learnt so much x
    Carol Hatton

  2. Nicky Alan

    I have just completed Nicky Alan’s online Prism Living course and have found it to be very insightful and an excellent aid to progressing on my spiritual journey. It is divided into 7 weekly sessions which are easy to follow, very informative and with exercises to do. I found these exercises opened up different ways of looking at things, the association between events and links that I had never been aware of, quite fascinating. I am now so much more aware of spiritual signs and the angelic realm and my intuition, which has always been important, is even more enhanced. Nicky has given me invaluable tools to continue to use, especially in contacting my spirit guides.
    I still have a long way to go and hope that in the future Nicky will create a follow on, more advanced course.

  3. Nicky Alan

    Hi Nicky,

    Thank you so much! I am still behind getting course done, but the parts i have done have been fabulous, i have learnt so much already and some things i had completely forgotten how to do so it has really helped to get back to it.

    Since starting the course i have felt so much more connected to spirit and my guides and trusting those signs. When i have asked for help it has come to me. I feel i am reconnecting to spirit again and allowing them to come close to help me.

    My world of work is transforming and i hope to be accepted for voluntary redundancy in the New Year. This will help me walk away from a job i don’t enjoy and have outgrown now, and on to doing something i want to do. Doing the course has helped me believe in myself again- so thank you for helping me find my spiritual self again.

    Keep those bedroom guru videos coming when you are able to, they have been amazing and when i have watched one it gives me such a boost and spurs me on!

    I would highly recommend your Prism living course to others, they will gain so much knowledge and teaching, truth and honesty! Please feel free to use all of this as a testimonial!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

    Love and hugs
    Linda Ball

  4. Suzanne Clarke (verified owner)

    Hi Nicky, I’m loving your prism email course, thank you so much. I’m about a week behind but already it’s helping me connect with my angels more and more. It’s helping me be more open and trusting, and as I’m allowing this and following my intuition, the signs are coming through thick and fast. I had 2 lovely white feathers on my doorstep the other morning, and when I’m out and about. Also a raffle ticket on my bedroom floor (yes, really! I have no clue where it came from) and when I looked up what the number meant angelically it was that the angels are with me and always offering encouragement and support. They are helping me to serve my soul mission as a lightworker!! Isn’t that just amazing?!

    This really is a powerful course and you will feel so different and see the results very quickly as you work through it. It’s helping me to get back on track with my life’s purpose and giving me the confidence to get there. I used to let the fear win and not embrace who I truly am. Well, not anymore, as it’s an incredible feeling knowing you are safe, loved and protected. I can’t recommend this highly enough. Thank you so much again Nicky xxx

    Sue Clarke xxx

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